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G*****'s infection
From: Patrick <>
To: Desiree Capuano <>
Date: Sat, Jul 18 2015 5:56:16 pm

What the fuck is wrong you?  You still have not taken G***** to the 
doctor about the infection on his ear and neck?!?!?!  Dude!  The doctor 
here said that if it hasn't cleared up in 2 weeks to bring him back.  
It's been more than 4 weeks now!  Obviously the antibiotic that he's 
been using hasn't been working!  Are you fucking retarded!?!?!? Do you 
know what the infection is?  Do you know if the rash is just a symptom 
of a much more serious problem happening under the skin?  Do you know if 
it's a bacteria or a virus?  Is it quietly causing permanent harm to the 
tissue under the skin?  You don't know ANY of those!!!  And you tell him 
that you'll take him to see the doctor when his current medication runs 
out?  He was only supposed to use that medication for 2 weeks!  What the 
fuck are you waiting for - permanent damage?

What the god damn fuck is wrong with you????  Get the fuck off your 
lazy, fucking ass and take your fucking son to a fucking doctor you 
stupid piece of shit!  How the fuck do you get off calling yourself an 
"excellent mother"?  God damn, you're a FUCKING waste of fucking space!!!

Rather than going around boo-hooing to everybody about how I'm such an 
asshole and about how you care about your kids so much why don't you 
tell everybody you know the truth about yourself and your parenting?  
Why don't you tell your friends about how you'd rather sit around the 
house, pretending to be "working from home", rather than providing your 
children with even the minimum of medical care - medical care that 
doesn't even have to cost you anything!  Let's see how much people feel 
sorry for you and think you're such a wonderful person then!  FUCK 
you're disgusting.

Better yet, why don't I just forward this email, with pictures of the 
rash on G*****'s neck, to all of the people in your contacts list for you?