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Desiree Capuano & James Pendleton
250 E. Placita Lago Del Mago
Sahuarita, AZ     85629
Tel: 520-288-8200
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Fun at your expense
From: Patrick <>
To: Desiree Capuano <>
Date: Sun, Jul 05 2015 12:17:21 pm
Hello, Desiree!

In the event you're curious how, exactly, we're having fun at your 
expense, allow me to enlighten you.

1. The way you dress.  There is general agreement your wardrobe and 
taste in clothes is hideous.  You're a veritable advertisement for 
K-Mart from 10 years ago.
2. Your insistence that the University of Phoenix is a reputable school 
and a degree from there is anything to be proud of.
3. Your pride in your degree from the University of Phoenix.
4. The ridiculous claims you make which are completely contrary, not 
only to all of the physical evidence, but at times just completely 
illogical and contrary to your own prior statements and/or actions.
5. Your belief that you can force someone (namely your children) to love 
and/or respect you.
6. Your terrible grammar.
7. Your lack of basic vocabulary.
8. Your frequent misuse of words.
9. Your inability to sufficiently articulate your thoughts.
10. Your tendency to be overly emotional and to blow irrelevant things 
out of proportion.
11. Your inability to have your own opinions and personality (it is 
G***** who pointed out that when you were with Kristopher you were all 
into UFC and shooting pool but since he'd left you you've completely 
lost interest in those things).
12. Your transparency when claiming that you're doing something in 
G*****'s interest when it's really for your own benefit (like "letting" 
him visit over the summer, when really you just wanted him out of the 
way while you selected and moved into your new home).
13. Your thinning hair.
14. Your keeping of a ridiculous surname even after you've divorced the 
person you adopted the name from.
15. Your irrational attachment to family - particularly those family 
members who have done nothing to improve your life.
16. Your taste in music (I mean, come on, country music?).
17. Your claiming that you had a pair of shoes just like the Doc Martens 
he got.  Just because the style of the shoes you had looked similar to 
his Docs, doesn't make them Docs.
18. Your inability to realize that your $35 shoes are NOT Doc Martens.
19. Your table manners.
20. Your clearly poor taste in men.  Yes, I realize that I would be 
included in that, however, I point out that you, yourself, stated you 
were young, didn't know any better and consider your time with me to be 
a mistake.  So you consider being with me, perhaps the one relationship 
that WAS intelligent, a mistake.
21. Your inability to learn from your own mistakes.
22. Your long history of making poor choices.
23. Your messy apartment.
24. Your pot use.
25. Your inability to obtain a decent job in Phoenix even though you 
have a degree from a "real university" and years of experience.
26. Your belief that Hamburger Helper is not trailer park food.
27. Your belief that heating up food or making toast is actually "cooking".
28. Your intolerance toward religions and a belief in any kind of deity.
29. Your racism toward Hispanics.
30. Your belief that you're somehow better than someone else just 
because you happen to be white.
31. Your belief that you're somehow better than someone else just 
because you happen to have been born on US soil.
32. Your claims that you're blonde (your hair is actually, naturally 
light brown).
33. Your ridiculous tattoos (particularly the one on your finger).
34. Your inability to realize how incredibly trashy you really are (see 
point 33 for clarification).
35. Your insistence that you are "an excellent mother".
36. Your taking G***** from Liz's care in 2011, by force, then inviting 
Liz to go to Phoenix and stay with your mother so she can be present for 
G*****'s birthday.
37. Your copying of very personal, intimate photos of yourself onto 
G*****'s iPod so they can be put on the Internet.
38. Your refusal to take issue with the fact that you're blatantly 
supporting a white supremist organization on your website.
39. Your insistence on calling me Richard even though you've already 
admitted that you know my legal name is Patrick and that I don't go by 
Richard anymore.
40. Your inability to do anything to rise above your lowly, trashy 
station in life.
41. Having to move to Tucson to find a job.
42. Having to take a job which is so clearly below your supposed skill 
and experience level.
43. Your struggle to not gain weight and plump up like your mother (face 
it, it's inevitable, there's no point in fighting it).
44. Your claims that $50 is a lot for a pair of shoes.
45. Your feelings being hurt because G***** likes the studded wrist 
bands more than the wrist band you got him (I don't take credit for that 
- he picked out and paid for them himself - they weren't gifts from me).
46. The way you cry over stupid, irrelevant things.
47. The way you express your "emotional hurt" by getting angry and 
lashing out at people (like your children) rather than addressing the 
actual issue that's "hurting" you.
48. The way you blame everybody else for everything that's wrong with 
your life.
49. Your inability to be financially responsible and to improve your 
financial situation.  I mean, a 401k?  Really?  Do you not realize 
401k's are just a sham to get investment money from the masses of 
ignorant middle class people who actually think it helps them in some way?
50. Your bad credit.
51. Your crappy car.

The list goes on, but you get the gist.  You just make it so easy for 
people to have fun at your expense.

And there's the things we have fun at Sage's expense, as well (starting 
with his ridiculous name), but we'll save that for another email.