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Your reasoning
From: Patrick <>
To: Desiree Capuano <>
Date: Sun, Jul 05 2015 10:00:59 am
So, why would you want a child living in your home, that you know 
doesn't respect you?  That you know looks at you with disdain and 
superiority?  Surely, it's not because you have a sense of moral 
obligation to be a good parent and to raise him properly, because so far 
you haven't done that at all (again, we refer to your refusal to provide 
him sufficient medical and dental care (even though it wouldn't cost you 
anything); your insistence on putting what you want before what he 
needs; your failure to take the time to teach him any life skills).

The only remaining reason I can think of is that you do it to spite me.  
But that's backfiring on you because I've already worked out a plan that 
involves G***** remaining with you until he turns 16, then moving to 
Ontario (where neither you nor the US or Canadian courts can touch 
him).  And I've explained that plan to him.  He doesn't like it but he 
understands and appreciates the motives.  So, by insisting on keeping 
him with you aren't you really just spiting yourself?  Aren't you really 
just subjecting yourself to the additional difficulties of providing for 
a child that looks down on you?  That considers you below him because of 
your refusal to be anything more than a white trash pot head?  Because 
of your inability to make any good or proper decisions?  Because of your 
continually doing things that adversely affect him and not giving him 
any choices?