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Desiree Capuano & James Pendleton
250 E. Placita Lago Del Mago
Sahuarita, AZ     85629
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From: Patrick <>
To: Desiree Capuano <>
Date: Sun, Jul 05 2015 9:45:53 am
Hello, Desiree:

1. Yes, G***** and I are having fun at your expense.  If you hadn't 
created a situation whereby he's afraid to be open and honest with you 
then you might have a better idea about what he thinks.  That's nobody's 
fault but your own because you would rather try to raise your children 
the way you were raised (perpetuating the way of life) than to be 
intelligent and rational, and to learn about child psychology so that 
you could actually be a good parent.

2. Heating something up in the microwave is NOT "cooking"; heating up 
pre-cooked food on the stove is NOT "cooking"; Hamburger Helper is not 
cooking.  The "cooking" G***** has been learning and doing up here 
involves selecting and preparing combinations of raw ingredients and 
actually mixing then cooking them in a pot or pan on the stove, to make 
up with interesting and different ways to make things.  It involves try 
different combinations and using previous experiences to find 
combinations that you like.  It involves such things as actually 
slicing, dicing, and mixing those raw ingredients in a pan and sauteing 
them together.  It involves spending time with G***** to show him 
better ways to handle the cooking utensils and how high to set the heat 
on the stove to achieve the desired results.  It involves letting him 
decide how much of a given ingredient to use so that the end result is 
HIS creation.  So, I'm sorry, but I would disagree with your belief that 
he has "learned to cook anything while he was there (with you)".

3. The fact that G***** never contacted you even one time until the 
RCMP stopped by the apartment and suggested he should call you to let 
you know he's okay should be a pretty clear indication to you how much 
he "loves" you and what he really thinks about you.  Over the past 2 and 
a half years, he's not gone that long without speaking with me.  You can 
go ahead and claim that I'm filling his head with stories of you being a 
monster - but any such stories are entirely true and supported with 
physical evidence (which I've provided to you, previously).  If what I 
tell him is true then how can it be bad?  Are you saying that the truth 
is bad?  Informing someone of the truth is not manipulation.  If I tell 
him that you're a hideous, disgusting, revolting, monster then I would 
emphasize that that is my opinion and I would provide the specific 
reasons I believe that - reasons which would be specific things you've 
done. If I teach him that eating with his elbows on the table is nasty 
because it's what trashy people do, then he looks down on you and Sage 
because you do do it then it's only because he doesn't want to be 
associated with being white trash.  I don't tell him not to do it - I 
just point out that it makes him look trashy, unrefined, undignified.  
If he returns to Arizona and looks down on you and Sage because you eat 
like savages then I suppose it's my fault for teaching him to be a 
better person and rise above the riff-raff. Perhaps if you (and the 
family you're so insistent on exposing G***** to) were not so trashy 
then he wouldn't look down on you (and them) so much.

4. Yes, I have consistently taught G***** that schools like the 
University of Phoenix are a joke and a degree from them is meaningless.  
Because they are!  I think you're finally realizing that now, right?  He 
is too intelligent to have any respect for a person who has wasted 4 
years pursuing a degree from such a school.

5. I have consistently urged G***** that he should be honest with you 
about what he thinks of you and about what he wants with respect to 
you.  He has consistently responded that if he does then he'll have to 
put up with you getting angry and probably punishing him for it.  I have 
told him that as long as he's honest with you and presents himself 
respectfully then you would have no reason to be angry and to punish him 
- how can you be angry with someone for not respecting you due to the 
many selfish and harmful things you've done?  I have told him that, 
based on my experience with my mother (with whom you are essentially 
identical), that if he told you he just doesn't respect you, that he'll 
never respect you, that he doesn't love you, that he only goes along 
with you because he's afraid of getting in trouble, then you would 
respond by discarding him.  You would rationalize your actions by saying 
he's an ungrateful child and I've filled his head with lies about you.

6. I have taught (and continue to teach) G***** as much as I can about 
how to identify white trashy people.  So that he can know that he is 
better than them and he can avoid them and protect himself from them.  
They are a deplorable and disgusting category of people who cannot be 
trusted, will stab you in the back for no apparent reason, will try to 
keep you at their (low) level (they never like to see their own rise 
above them).  They make terrible life decisions without any 
consideration of the consequences or how their actions affect others.  
They think small.  They're irrational. Their too ignorant and emotional 
to be objective and that results in them being unable to improve 
themselves...Oh, wait, I've just described you and most of your family.  
Sorry, sometimes reality hurts.  But teaching G***** that white trash 
people are bad and he should stay away from them and always strive to be 
above that is not filling his head with lies.  It's just good 
parenting.  Why would any decent parent want to subject their children 
to that way of life?  It's hideous.  I know - it's where I came from.  
It's where all of my siblings still are.  But remember: being white 
trash is choice - it's not beyond your control to be a better person; 
you're happy with who you are.  That's fine for you, but I think G***** 
realizes it's a shitty existence and he expects more from life.