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Your priorities
From: Patrick <>
To: Desiree Capuano <>
Date: Thu, Jul 02 2015 7:19:27 am
Let me tell you what I think: I think you're more interested in being a 
pain in my ass than you are interested in G*****'s safety and well-being.

If you were at all interested in G***** then you would have called 
and/or emailed him - before calling the police.  He's been here 5 weeks 
and you've never once made any attempt to contact him, but then, out of 
the blue, you contact me and start being a bitch about his return 
flight.  Then, you call the police and claim that you're worried about 
his safety because you've not heard from him since he left and you have 
no way of contacting him (which is completely false).  You gotta get 
your priorities straight, you freak.