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G*****'s adventure with the RCMP
From: Patrick <>
To: Desiree Capuano <>
Date: Tue, Jun 30 2015 8:12:34 pm

Like I said: the "authorities" ain't gonna do shit for ya!  The office 
called me after she spoke with G***** and she told me that they were 
just responding to a call about potential child endangerment, but after 
reviewing your claims, then stopping by the apartment and speaking with 
G*****, they didn't consider it credible.  They've entered a record of 
you submitting a frivolous claim - so the next time you call they'll see 
that and take you with a grain of salt.  Has anything EVER gone right 
for you?

Tell me, if you're so concerned about G*****'s safety and well being 
then why haven't you just called him?  Or would that have been to 
complicated for you to think of?