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Re: Itinerary for return travel
From: Patrick <>
To: Desiree Capuano <>
Date: Mon, Jun 29 2015 8:58:50 am

Whatever.  Go ahead, call the authorities. I'd love to see that.

Desiree Capuano  wrote:
> The last part of what you said is kind of true.  I will call the authorities, 
> you will be arrested, and G***** will be returned to.  It would be a false 
> claim if you provide documentation stating you are Richard Riess.  I am 
> willing to take that chance.  You are the one to end G*****'s visit early.  
> You know what, I'll be nice - provide the itinerary for G*****'s return 
> travel by 5pm Arizona time tomorrow since it's the last day of June.  If by 
> July I do not have a return itinerary thing will go very badly for you.  
> On Monday, June 29, 2015, Patrick  wrote:
>>    Go ahead, call "the authorities". They will tell you this is a family 
>>    court matter. Then you can request an ex parts hearing and you can 
>>    tell the court that you agreed G***** was to return on July 12. The 
>>    court will point out its not the 12th yet, so why are you eating 
>>    their time.
>>    Or, you can tell "the authorities" that G***** is with a "stranger" 
>>    and you never authorized that. The police will pick him up and arrest 
>>    me, then you can explain yourself, after being charged with filing a 
>>    false abduction claim. And then you can explain to G***** why you 
>>    tried to end his visit early.
>>    Why are you so stupid?
>>    Desiree Capuano  wrote:
>>>    And to clarify, that would noon Arizona time.
>>>    On Monday, June 29, 2015, Desiree Capuano  wrote:
>>>>        You have until noon to provide the itinerary.  If you refuse 
>>>>        to comply then you can choose to be home or not when the 
>>>>        authorities arrive.  
>>>>        On Monday, June 29, 2015, Patrick  wrote:
>>>>>            You're a very strange and misguided woman. 
>>>>>            Desiree Capuano  wrote:
>>>>>>            I will contact the local authorities and have my son 
>>>>>>            removed from the home he is currently in then.  Thank 
>>>>>>            you for the information. 
>>>>>>            On Sunday, June 28, 2015, Patrick  wrote:
>>>>>>>                I'm sorry, there is no one here by the name 
>>>>>>>                "richard", and you know that.
>>>>>>>                On 06/28/2015 08:26 PM, Desiree Capuano wrote:
>>>>>>>>                    richard,
>>>>>>>>                    You stated you would provide the itinerary for 
>>>>>>>>                    G*****'s return to Phoenix "sometime in June".  
>>>>>>>>                    As today is the 28th, you now only have 2 days 
>>>>>>>>                    with which to provide this information. Send the 
>>>>>>>>                    details to me immediately or I will be forced to 
>>>>>>>>                    take action.