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Re: Lessons if hard times
From: Desiree Capuano <>
To: Patrick <>
Date: Mon, Jun 29 2015 8:32:49 am
My parents taught economics not to speak to strangers.

On Monday, June 29, 2015, Patrick  wrote:

> Its interesting that we would both encounter "hardship" at the same
> time...and beneficial for G***** he can see, first hand, how we each
> deal with it.
> My approach: to forego any personal luxuries and desires and to make sure
> I have good credit, so that I can cover the costs of his trip and visit -
> no matter how uncomfortable or inconvenient it might be. So that he knows
> that, no matter what, I would never turn him away and he'll always have a
> place to go. And so that he knows that I would never put myself and my
> desires before his needs.  I openly admit to him that any current or recent
> financial complications are entirely my own fault and how I intend to make
> sure it doesn't happen again.
> You're approach: send him (and Sage) away, while moving to a new city,
> forcing him to leave his friends behind and make new ones, because its more
> convenient for you.  Have him return from his visit, to a new home, in a
> new city, where he doesn't know anyone - because that way is easier for
> you. Regardless of how it might affect him.  Don't include him in any of
> the decisions. So that he gets to pay and suffer for your mistakes.  You
> blame your financial problems on me, on Michael, on Kristopher, on Apollo -
> anyone but yourself. And you provide no lessons from it.
> Is what I'm saying false? If its the truth then you can't really say I'm
> manipulating him by telling him such things.  Telling the truth is not
> manipulation.  He doesn't hate you because of what I tell him about you, he
> hates you because of what you do.
> Patrick