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Re: Notice of Service in the California case
From: Desiree Capuano <>
To: Patrick <>
Date: Sun, Jun 28 2015 8:22:13 pm
Let me make this perfectly clear as I will not waiver.  If you wish to be
addressed as Patrick then you need to go to court and have your name
updated on the court order.  You will then need to update G*****'s birth
certificate to reflect the name Patrick.  Until that time I will ONLY
send legal documentation pertaining to the custody order to Richard Riess
and you will accept it.  If you have a problem with it, I suggest you file
something with the court in California as I have NO problem staring my case
before the commissioner.

Do you understand?

On Saturday, June 27, 2015, Patrick  wrote:

> Desiree:
> I see on the California court's web site that you filed a declaration and
> submitted a notice of service.  I was, most certainly, not served anything
> regarding that case.  If you continue to try to execute service by mail,
> using a name which is not my legal name then the court is just going to
> have to order that all future service be by a process server - which, of
> course, is going to cost you a lot more money.  Why do you keep trying to
> play stupid games that just keep backfiring on you?
> Patrick
> P.S. Please serve a copy of your declaration on me before I have to notify
> the court that you've submitted false a Notice of Service.