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G*****'s clothing
From: Patrick <>
To: Desiree Capuano <>
Date: Sun, Jun 28 2015 12:37:38 pm

I don't understand!  You make over $70,000 a year; I make over $100,000 
a year; G***** has a credit card (which I fund) with a $5,000 limit, 
with which he is permitted to buy his clothing; yet, you refuse to allow 
him to buy decent quality clothing when he is with you.  What is wrong 
with you?  Why do you insist on forcing him to dress like a welfare 
child?  I might be able to understand if it was just because you're 
cheap, but you don't even have to pay for his clothes - that's what the 
credit card is for.  I'm paying for them!

Specifically, I'm referring to those Arizona Jeans you make him wear.  I 
wasn't familiar with the brand, but the quality of them was hideous so I 
researched them.  According to 

    "A favorite of middle schoolers, poor people, and people from small
    towns with no other options (although this is still not an excuse),
    Arizona Jeans Company is basically one step above buying your
    clothes at KMart."

So, I checked the JC Penny and the Macy's web sites.  Arizona jeans are 
$30 - $35 at JC Penny; Levi's are $40 - $50, Ralph Lauren are $50 - $60, 
at Macy's.  You're not willing to let your children spend an extra $10 - 
$20 to have decent quality clothing and to not have to carry the stigma 
of wearing ghetto clothes?  But it doesn't even cost YOU anything!

Is it because Sage's father doesn't contribute shit and you don't think 
it's fair to Sage that G***** gets better clothes?  Isn't that unfair 
to G*****, though?  Why should he have to suffer just because Sage's 
father is a yahoo and you made bad life decisions (by having a second 
child you couldn't afford, with a guy that had no prospects and no future)?

You're a bad, bad parent!