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Desiree Capuano & James Pendleton
250 E. Placita Lago Del Mago
Sahuarita, AZ     85629
Tel: 520-288-8200
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Carrington College
From: Patrick <>
To: Desiree Capuano <>
Date: Sat, Jun 27 2015 9:45:07 am
Hello, Desiree.

May you confirm that you have taken a position with Carrington College 
in Tucson?  If so, then I should update your website.  Do you have any 
interesting quotes or pseudo facts that I can put on the site?  But, I 
can't imagine there'd be much of a need for a "Systems Analyst" at an 
individual campus of a demi-college. Wouldn't that be a bit of a step 
down from what you were purportedly doing at Apollo?  But since the 
campus is substantially smaller then you'd be less anonymous - and word 
of your website and your back-story should spread quickly.