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The relevance of money in G*****'s desire to live with me
From: Patrick <>
To: Desiree Capuano <>
Date: Sat, Jun 20 2015 10:37:19 am
Hello, Desiree.

When G***** arrived here I told him that, because of having been off 
since March 6, I have used up my financial resources and am living on my 
credit cards.  At the end of May I asked to borrow $1200 from him to 
cover the rent for June.  Since he's been here we've not been doing 
anything that would cost more than a few dollars.  I've not been buying 
him anything.  We haven't gone to the shooting range, or out to dinner, 
or the movies, et cetera.  As far as he is concerned, we are broke and 
living moment to moment, on credit.  Yet still, he would rather live 
with, and be raised by, me.  Even if it means being broke, in Canada.

So, apparently your belief that he only wants to be with me because I 
"spoil" him is entirely unfounded.

It's also, recently, come to my attention, that you have convinced 
yourself that the only reason G***** told the court he wants to live 
with me is because I told him to say that.  Come on!  You know that's 
completely ridiculous.  He said he wants to live with me before he spoke 
with the court AND he still says it to this day.  He even said it to 
your face in September 2011, while he was being held captive by you the 
first time.  And, I have to believe he's sincere about it because I 
always leave his visitation schedules up to him (though, technically, up 
to you because you're a fascist dictator that wants to impose your 
desires on others and keep them dependent on you).  He knows I don't 
experience "emotions" and I'm not going to be "hurt" if he doesn't want 
to visit or live with me - so he has no reason to be insincere about 
it.  If, at any time he didn't want to visit or live with me, he knows 
all he has to do is say so.

Based on that, we would have to assume that if he was going to lie to 
one of us about where he wants to live, it would have to be you. Because 
you're the on that has forced him to do things against his will and 
you're the one that get's angry, freaks out, takes your anger and 
frustration out on him and Sage (even when it's completely unrelated to 
them), and punishes them for saying things you don't want to hear.  You 
have created an environment where he is afraid to say anything that he 
thinks might upset you.  Good job.

So, what are you going to try to convince yourself of now?  Or are you 
finally going to accept that he just isn't one of you and as long as I 
manipulate to keep him with you he's going to continue to cause subtle 
friction in your "loving home"?  Anyway, he'll turn 16 in just 15 months 
then you'll have absolutely no legal authority over him (nor will the 
California or Arizona, or any other US court).