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Re: Status update
From: Patrick <>
To: Desiree Capuano <>
Date: Mon, Jun 15 2015 9:05:16 am
"Way too much free money?"  Is that how you rationalize putting the cost 
of marijuana and alcohol before providing your children with decent 
clothes?  And how do you figure the money is "free"?  The arrangement 
was/is as long as he's doing well in school then he receives $100CDN.  
That's not free - that's equivalent to having a salaried job.  It get's 
him used to working in exchange for a salary; and he has to manage that 
money in order to pay his phone bill and to get the things he wants.  
See, preparing him to be responsible and independent.

None of the things we've been doing since he's been here have anything 
to do with money.  I don't get your point.  It's about teaching one's 
children - to prepare them for life.  You know - a parent's 
responsibility?  But you were never good with responsibilities or with 
putting others before yourself, were you?

Why do you want your children to remain incapable of doing anything on 
their own so they have to depend on you?  That's terrible parenting.  
But then, you're a single mother - that's what all single mothers do.  
Single mothers don't want to raise children - they just want to have 
babies.  I know because I grew up around many of them.


On 06/15/2015 08:57 AM, Desiree Capuano wrote:
> I understand that you feel the need to document every milestone of 
> parental responsibility to prove you do anything beyond supplying a 14 
> with way too much free money.  Do you want a "good boy"?  Well...good 
> boy Richard.  I'm so glad that you taught your son some things.  Way 
> to go.
> On Saturday, June 13, 2015, Patrick  > wrote:
>     What?  No comeback?  Could it be that you've finally accepted that
>     you really are a terrible parent and an overall bad person?
>     Patrick
>     On 06/13/2015 09:46 AM, Patrick wrote:
>         Hello, Desiree.
>         So, G*****'s been here about 2 weeks now.  And in that time:
>         - I've been teaching him to cook simple meals on his own -
>         fried noodels with fresh vegetables, scrambled eggs, pancakes,
>         etc.
>         - he can ride his bicycle on his own;
>         - we got him a violin and he's been learning/practicing that.
>         I've put videos of him doing each of those things on his
>         Facebook page.
>         I don't understand how it is that he's been with you 2 and a
>         half years and you've not taught him anything...yet you still
>         try to convince yourself that you're a good parent.  How can
>         you be a good parent when you put spending time with, and
>         making major life decisions based on being close to your
>         boyfriend of the moment, before raising your children?
>         Patrick