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Automobile accident
From: Patrick <>
To: Desiree Capuano <>
Date: Fri, Jun 12 2015 10:22:41 am
Good morning, Desiree.

It seems to me you are still using the automobile accident that you were 
involved in, on the 405, in July 2000, as the basis for G*****'s 
premature birth (and the ROP that resulted from such premature birth), 
and to gain people's pity.

I wish to review the facts so that we can put that matter to rest once 
and for all.

1. Following the accident, paramedics arrived on the scene.  They 
inspected you for possible injuries and found none.  You informed them 
you were pregnant.  They performed further tests to ensure no harm to 
the uterus and fetus.  No harm was found.  In their professional opinion 
they did not believe it was necessary to bring you to the hospital for 
further inspection and/or tests.

2. At that time we had Blue Cross PPO medical insurance, under a group 
plan from the job I had with Fetch Technologies.  It is a very standard 
policy of EVERY health insurance provider that, if an accident occurs 
and there is even the slightest possibility of injuries then the 
recipient MUST submit for medical tests.  That is because the cost of 
the tests is only a fraction of the cost of the medical care that may 
result if there are injuries and they are ignored.  So, obviously, Blue 
Cross also did not consider your condition worthy of further testing.

3. If there was actually a uterine rupture, as you keep claiming, there 
would have been other signs, which you would not have been able to 
ignore, including abnormal heart rate in the fetus; abdominal pain; 
vaginal bleeding; irritation to the diaghragm; and internal bleeding.  
You had none of those symptoms.  If the paramedics had even the smallest 
evidence to support the belief that there may have been a uterine 
rupture (or any other damage/injury) then they would have taken you to 
the hospital - especially since you were pregnant.

4. The police and insurance reports of the accident clearly state there 
were no injuries to you.

5. After the accident, you walked away from it - literally!  You walked 
to a payphone and called me at work to inform me of the accident.  You 
insisted you were fine.  When I got home from work that evening you were 
fine and not experiencing any discomfort.  If you had any type of 
rupture or "tear" (as you keep calling it), you would have been very 

6. Following the accident, you continued to attend your gynecologist, 
who continued to do ultrasounds, and found no abnormalities.

7. A few weeks after the accident we had a substantial argument, wherein 
I pointed out how "bad things" seemed to keep happening to you and how 
that was causing us so many complications (namely financial).  You cried 
and said you wanted us to go back to Phoenix so you could be close to 
your mother...what with the pregnancy and all.  I told you I didn't want 
to leave LA.  You locked yourself in the bathroom for some period of 
time.  I eventually asked if you were okay.  You were crying and said 
you were bleeding.  I brought you to the UCLA Medical Center on Carson 
Street.  During the course of the many, repetitious questions from the 
interns and residents, you admitted to them:
a) you had never been pregnant before;
b) you had never had an abortion before;
c) earlier that evening, you were upset about a fight we had had and had 
been hitting yourself in the stomach;
d) you had been in a car accident a few weeks earlier.

8. It was determined that the cause of the bleeding was from hitting 
yourself in the stomach earlier that evening.  The doctors referred you 
to attend psychological counseling on an outpatient basis.  You said you 
would, but of course, you never did.

9. After that stomach punching incident, you stopped attending your 

10. After that trip to the UCLA Medical Center I immediately agreed to 
move back to Phoenix "so you could be close to your family" during the 

Now, what I would like from you is for you to deny these claims and call 
me a liar.  I will then, gladly, post the medical, insurance, and police 
reports to your website.  Yes, medical reports are confidential, but you 
live in the "greatest country in the world", where anything can be 
purchased!  Yay, America!

So, I will assume that the world (and G*****) will not be hearing any 
more of that drivel from you that he was born premature and has ROP 
because of a car accident.

Good day,

P.S. I've BCC'd all of the relevant parties.