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Please learn how to use the mail
From: Patrick <>
To: Desiree Capuano <>
Date: Wed, May 27 2015 4:06:58 pm

Hey, idiot!  Any packages that you mail addressed to "Richard" (or 
any variation thereof), and/or addressed as "Alias: Patrick" will be 
returned to you because there is no person at this address with the name 
"Richard" (or any variation thereof), or with the alias "Patrick ".  
If it is addressed to "Patrick", without the qualifier 
"alias" preceding the name "Patrick" then that would be acceptable.

I can play this game for the rest of my life - as long as you know that 
my legal name is "Patrick", which you have already admitted to by 
serving legal documents under that name, then you cannot serve legal 
documents under a name which you know not to be my legal name.  You can 
claim to the court that you made every reasonable effort to execute 
service, but after the court makes it's ruling, based on your misleading 
statements, and I file a motion to vacate based on your failure to 
properly serve then it will tie the matter up in court for another year 
and a half - during which time I would have also moved for an order to 
stay the lower court's inappropriately entered order.  Which means that 
the order granting your annulment will be stayed until the reviewing 
court makes it's ruling on the motion to vacate.  Don't you know 
anything about the laws of the country of which you are a resident?

Good day,