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Is this why you think America is so great?
From: Patrick <>
To: Desiree Capuano <>
Date: Fri, May 15 2015 7:27:01 pm

This is what America has become!  A country where "federal agents" stop 
people for no reason, and demand they provide proof that they're not 
doing anything wrong.  Nobody is legally required to stop or answer any 
questions for any law enforcement officer unless they are being 
"detained".  But to be detained, the office must have probable cause to 
believe the person has committed a crime.  Refusal to answer questions 
is not probable cause.

Face it, Desiree, the US has gone to shit over the past 15 years. It 
used to be a great country but those days are long gone.  The government 
and law enforcement abuses its authority and violates the rights of its 
own people constantly.  America today has more in common with Germany of 
the 1930s than it does with itself twenty years ago.