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The most difficult border in the world to cross!
From: Patrick <>
To: Desiree Capuano <>
Date: Fri, May 15 2015 5:03:17 pm

You will find, attached, numerous pictures of the Peace Arch border 
crossing and the surrounding area.  The pictures are, obviously, from 
Google Maps.  The Peace Arch border crossing is 27.5 miles from my 
apartment.  It is where I usually cross the border.

If you look at the picture named border_crossing_looking_north.jpg you 
see that I circled an obelisk.  That obelisk marks the actual, physical 
border between the two countries.  Do you see any security? Any fences 
or walls?  Anything at all to obstruct movement between the two countries?

Now, turn your attention to the image named 
border_crossing_looking_south.jpg.  That is taken from exactly right 
next to the same obelisk, but facing south, into the US.  Over to the 
left is the park that is in the other pictures.  Any signs of Border 
Patrol?  Anyone attempting to inspect people moving between the two 

Now, have a look at in_us_park_facing_canada.jpg.  That is about 100 
feet to the east of the same obelisk.  you see that road beyond the 
bench where the guy and his dog are sitting?  That's the intersection of 
Peace Park Drive and 0 Ave.  That intersection is in Canada; the park 
the picture is taken from is in the US.  Do you see anything suggesting 
that people are not allowed to move freely?

In fact, let's go to the picture named 
peace_park_drive_and_zero_ave.jpg.  This picture is just about 15 feet 
north of the previous one.  In fact, you can see part of the same bench 
right there, behind the hedges (I've circled it for you).  Do you see 
that opening in the two hedges?  With the paved path/walkway?  That is, 
in fact, a paved path for people to walk and/or ride their bicycles on.  
And it crosses right over the border.  Not only is there nothing 
suggesting that people SHOULDN'T move freely between the two points, 
they've even created a walkway to make such movement easier!

Now have a look at zero_ave_facing_south.jpg.  That is standing on 0 
Ave, which runs along the border, on the Canadian side.  See what's 
right next to it?  Completely open, unobstructed access to that nice, 
inviting park in Washington State.  There is a ditch that runs along the 
road, for drainage, and every 100 feet, or so, there is a covering so 
that you can step across easily (circled, on the far left).

Have a look at in_us_park_facing_canada-01.jpg.  You see that road? 
That's in Canada.  Everything on this side is the US.  The houses - 
they're in Canada.  You see that spot I've circled on the far right?  
That's one of the points where the ditch is covered over to facilitate 

Do you see ANYTHING, ANYWHERE that would make it in any way difficult to 
simply walk from any one point to any other point?

So why the fuck do you think that if I wanted to be in the US I would 
not be?  People obviously hang out in that park and nobody bothers 
them.  There are no ICE agents or border patrol running around demanding 
to see peoples' proof of lawful presence.  Do you not think an ordinary 
looking, English speaking person could just come and go as they pleased?

Do you not think those people that live in those houses along 0 Avenue 
do just walk across the border to take their children to that park?

God damn, you're such a fucking moron.