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Re: Something to consider
From: Desiree Capuano <>
To: Patrick <>
Date: Mon, May 11 2015 10:48:38 am
To each their own.  You're allowed to have your own opinion...but that's
all it is.  Your opinion.  Have a super awesome and wonderful day!!

On Fri, May 8, 2015 at 9:09 PM, Patrick 

>  Hello, Desiree!
> I was going through your old emails, looking for particularly interesting
> ones to highlight on the website, and I came across this one.  Now that
> some time has passed, and the world has had a chance to see how much of
> your words you actually follow through on, I'd like to review some of your
> statements.  Please see my comments, inline.  I've highlighted the relevant
> statements to which I am responding.
> On 02/17/2013 10:34 PM, Desiree Capuano wrote:
> Hi,
>  I want to throw something out there - I want to propose something and I
> would like for you to consider it.  We can continue to go back and forth,
> tossing this poor kid between home, between states in this hostile
> environment for the next...however long.  But the truth is - its exhausting
> (you can't tell me it's not). As well, G***** will turn 18 in 6 short
> years.  *You and I have very different lifestyles but as I've told him -
> neither one is wrong - it's just different.*
> I disagree.  I believe your way of life is wrong - very wrong!
> - You use drugs;
> - you don't provide guidance and direction to your children;
> - you're irresponsible;
> - you blame others for everything that's wrong with your life;
> - you take responsibility for absolutely nothing;
> - you put your desires before the well being of your children;
> - you think that providing the basic necessities of life (food, clothing
> and shelter) are the only obligations you have to your children;
> - you put your boyfriends before the needs of your children;
> - you tell your children that marijuana is good and that one day they'll
> learn to appreciate it;
> - and on and on.
> So NO, you are absolutely wrong when you say "neither one is wrong".  Your
> way of life is absolutely, unquestionably wrong.  It is a sickness and a
> blight on society (not just you, all trashy people).
>  * Regardless of what you may think of me personally, I am a great
> mother, I am an excellent mother to our son.*
> You've had 2 and a half years to prove that you're a good mother, yet
> you've done *nothing* with that time!
> You've had two and a half years to prove that you're a good parent and
> you've done absolutely nothing!  G***** has learned nothing from you and
> his life is in no way enriched or better from the 2.5 years he's spent with
> you.  You think that taking him on vacations to meet your family is
> significant?  You think that will make him a better person?  Come on!
> Go on then, prove me wrong.  How have you improved G*****'s life?  What
> has he learned from you, other than the kind of women to stay away from?
> Is he more honest and reliable since staying with you (No, he flakes out of
> a band performance without notice, he hides his school information when his
> grades decline, he keeps secrets from both of us).  Has his school
> performance improved?  No, it's gotten worse!  Does he stick to something
> that he shows an interest in?  No, he fiddles with it for a while then
> gives up on it.  Is he able to do normal day to day things on his own
> without depending on an adult to hold his hand?  No.  It seems the only
> things he's improved on are the things that I teach him and push him to do
> when he's here.
> Am I wrong?  Do you have any evidence to the contrary?
> You have him covered on your medical and dental insurance and I'm willing
> to cover all medical costs yet you still don't take him to the doctor or
> dentist for regular checkups.  Does he have any cavities?  You have no
> idea.  Is his blind eye developing properly?  How should you know?
> And you have the nerve to claim you're an "excellent mother"?  Bitch!
> Even *MY* mother provided me medical and dental care (albeit at the
> government's expense, but still).
>   I never speak badly of you, I encourage him to say whatever is on his
> mind and when he tells me things he's done with you or things he remembers
> with you I always listen - I even try to remember good or funny times you
> and I had and I tell them to him.
> Really?  From what I'm told you don't tell him shit.  And when you
> occasionally do share stories with them they're usually made up.  I hear
> about them and he has internet access.  It's not hard to verify some of
> what you tell him.
> From what I'm told you rarely give either him or Sage the time of day.
> And when you do it's almost always about something you want to do and you
> want to drag him along.
>   *All I want is time to know him.*  I don't want money and I don't care
> about "winning" in court.
> Really?  Then what is all this bullshit you've been pulling for the past 3
> years?  Then why have you repeatedly asked the court to prohibit all
> communication between him and I.  Then why did you withhold my letters to
> him when I was in custody?
>  There was a time that you considered my offer to help.  I'm proposing
> almost the same thing now.  Let me keep him during the school year for
> now.  Let me have time with him and you can do what you need to wherever it
> is that you plan on settling.  I will not interfere with you talking to him
> and as soon as you're ready we'll work on getting him to see you - maybe
> you pay for a flight out and I pay for a flight back.  I have no doubt that
> you will land a good job and probably be making more money than my
> conservative salary - which means neither of us will need money from the
> other.
>  As a safe measure for you (as I'm sure you would need it to trust me) if
> I fail to follow through on what I promise - if you feel your not seeing
> him enough, talking to him enough, or don't agree with the person he grows
> into while being with me you can always take me back to  court and have the
> judge return him to you - you and I both know that the judge (for whatever
> reason) is in your court (so to speak).
> As I've said recently, the only time you're amicable or cooperative is
> when you believe the court (or some other authority) is going to go
> completely against you.  You sent me this email when you found out I was
> released from ICE custody and you were sure the court was going to order
> you to return G*****.  As soon as you were confident that wasn't going to
> happen you went right back to being hostile.
> Patrick