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From: Patrick <>
To: Desiree Capuano <>
Date: Sat, May 09 2015 11:08:30 am

I believe this epitomises the difference between you and I:
- in December 2013 G***** gave me a coffee mug that he picked up at the 
airport on the way here.  I've since used that mug every day, every 
single time I have coffee at home, which is at least once a day;
- on another trip here he picked up 3 postcards, which I framed and they 
are hanging on the wall in the living room, right next to my desk;
- in January 2013, on his way back to Phoenix, he got you a key chain, 
which you hung on the key rack, never used, and promptly forgot about; 
he also got a souvenir  for Sage, which Sage lost within a few weeks.

You see?  Values.  You just don't have them, so how can you possibly 
teach them?

Perhaps you have a sarcastic response you'd like to share about this as