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I made a mistake
From: Patrick <>
To: Desiree Capuano <>
Date: Thu, May 07 2015 7:50:51 pm

Yesterday I had said that if you do not allow G***** to visit over the 
summer break it will then be 2 times you've refused to allow him to 
visit during extended school breaks.  That was incorrect.  It will 
actually be 3 times - I forgot about his fall break last year.

Seems to me that you're sure interfering a lot with visitation.  I'd 
like to point out that when I had custody of G*****, the visitation 
plan I sought was EXACTLY that which G***** said he wanted.  And it 
resulted in him having visitation with you EVERY extended school break.  
You, on the other hand, only allow him to visit when it's convenient for 

Is there really any question who the better, and more cooperative parent 
is here?  I mean REALLY?