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Re: The motivation for your behavior
From: Patrick <>
To: Desiree Capuano <>
Date: Thu, May 07 2015 6:47:45 pm
Oh, and by the way, you know I'm right about everything I said below.  I 
make no ridiculous claims that you're hurt because I despise you.  I 
only point out the obvious that you're a crappy parent (really no better 
than my own hideous mother), that G***** has no desire to be with you 
and you're essentially keeping him there as a prisoner, and that you 
really don't have a single redeeming quality.  You are, in every way, a 
bad person.

If you don't believe me, I've been thinking about adding a blog to your 
site.  That way others can also share what they think of you.


On 05/07/2015 04:29 PM, Desiree Capuano wrote:
> Oh my God Richard!!   You nailed it!!  I will never have to do any 
> more introspection ever again.  (In case it didn't come across in 
> email - that was sarcasm)
> On Thursday, May 7, 2015, Patrick  > wrote:
>     Desiree:
>     The only reason you're being such a stupid cunt right now (well,
>     always really) is because you know that G***** would rather be
>     with me than with you.  It burns you that after 2 and a half years
>     he has not bonded with you and that he still speaks highly of me. 
>     You're jealous - but not because you want to be a good parent -
>     but because your head is filled with silly fairy tales about
>     "perfect families" and "the inherit love between a mother and a
>     child".  You grew up watching Disney movies and you still believe
>     that's life.
>     You're pissed off because you know that I deliberately withdrew
>     from the family court proceedings because I wanted G***** to see
>     what you're like when you don't have a court order compelling you
>     to be cooperative, and you know that I was right in doing so.  You
>     see that G***** has not bonded with you and you know that given
>     the choice he would leave you in a heartbeat.  You know that
>     you've failed as a parent because you've not done a single thing
>     to improve the quality of his life.  You see the differences
>     between G***** and Sage and you know that you and Michael fucked
>     up with Sage.  You know that you will never be a good parent
>     because you lack values and decency.  You are incapable of
>     teaching your children because you are ashamed of the mistakes
>     you've made and rather than admitting them and sharing your
>     experiences with your children so that they don't make the same
>     mistakes, you pretend they never happened - ensuring that your
>     child absolutely will make the same mistakes.  It's the same way
>     your mother raised you and look: you're making the same mistakes
>     she did.
>     It kills you that I am so open with G***** that I will share with
>     him the worst things that have happened in my life, and that I
>     will accept full responsibility for many of them.  That I can
>     admit to my mistakes so that he can benefit from them.
>     Furthermore, it angers you that you keep doing things and they
>     keep backfiring on you.  It drives you crazy that I can be so
>     indifferent to you.  That you mean so little to me as a human
>     being that if you were starving in the street I would not give you
>     the time of day, while at the same time I volunteer on a regular
>     basis at a homeless shelter.  So it's not that I lack compassion -
>     I just sincerely believe that gross, nasty, white trash people
>     like you; people that are so self absorbed; people that will ruin
>     another person's life with false accusations just to save
>     themselves a little humiliation, without giving it a second
>     thought; are the lowest of people and that the world would not
>     miss them, nee, in fact, the world would be a better place without
>     them.  People like you contribute nothing to the world or to
>     society - you just suck the life and the goodness out of all the
>     people that try to be nice and to be helpful.  You think that if
>     you smile and inflect your statements so they sound sweet that
>     everything will be okay.  But it won't.  You're just a terrible,
>     sick person.
>     But you're a product of the environment you grew up in. You're
>     just carrying on the traditions you learned from your equally sick
>     mother.  It's just who you are.  It's all you know.
>     And THAT is why you act like such a deranged bitch toward me. I
>     know it, and so, your actions mean very little to me.
>     Good day,
>     Patrick