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More of what I know
From: Patrick <>
To: Desiree Capuano <>
Date: Thu, May 07 2015 1:07:15 pm

I also know that you don't want to let G***** visit with me because you 
know that when he visits we bond more and that puts more distance 
"emotionally" between you and him; yet you don't want to explicitly 
refuse to let him visit because you know that he will resent you for it.

So, you're trying to create a situation whereby you can say it was 
because of me that he couldn't visit.  But I've explained to him that my 
mother used to do the same stuff when I was a kid.  That my father 
eventually stopped coming to visit and I learned later in life that it 
was because of the games my mother would play - the same stuff you're 
doing right now.

As always, your scheme won't work.  The only way it could would be if 
you completely cut off communication between G***** and I and made it 
so he could only hear your version of events.  But there's no way you 
can do that without grossly upsetting the court and G*****.  And your 
versions of events always rely on the listener's pity and sense of 
guilt.  Eventually, people get tired of hearing about how someone is 
always such a victim because in reality most of the problems in our 
lives are the result of our own actions and the only people that don't 
realize that are the ones that are always trying to blame others for 
their problems - people like you.