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Re: G***** summer visitation 2015
From: Patrick <>
To: Desiree Capuano <>
Date: Thu, May 07 2015 6:30:03 pm

I am sorry, but you are incorrect.  See my rebuttals, inline.

On 05/07/2015 04:26 PM, Desiree Capuano wrote:
> Actually, you interfered with almost EVERY visitation I had with 
> G*****; from pulling stupid things like refusing to put him on the 
> plane, calling the airlines and changing the plane tickets yourself,
I presume you are referring to the flight you purchased for June 22, 
2012, of which you notified me on June 12, 2012.  Here is why your 
current argument does not apply and why it is frivolous:

1. You were required to provide at least 2 weeks notice of travel 
arrangements if such arrangements required any action on my part. In 
this case you were requiring me to take G***** to the airport. You did 
not provide at least 2 weeks notice therefore I was not obligated to 
re-arrange my schedule.  We have already covered this but you seem to 
have forgotten.

In the current case I provided much more than 2 weeks notice, although 
it is not necessary because I am not requiring you to have to do anything.

2. You did not check with me ahead of time to determine whether I would 
be available at that time to take G***** to the airport.  I was not 
obligated to coordinate my schedule for your convenience, other than 
exactly on the date stated in the court order.  The flight you scheduled 
was on a different date.

In the current case, I explicitly consulted you on the dates before 
proceeding with executing the purchase of the tickets.

3. I was not obligated to transport G***** to the airport in order to 
convenience you.  I was only obligated to make G***** available for you 
to take custody of him.  I did not interfere with that and I did make 
him available.  You were the one that refused to come and pick him up or 
make alternate arrangements - like arranging for a car to take him to 
the airport.

In the current case I am not asking or requiring you to make any 
modification to your schedule: I have offered to arrange for G*****'s 
transportation to the airport. *YOU* are the one refusing to let him go 
on his own and insisting on taking him personally.  So it is *YOUR* 
problem, not mine.

4. The week of the flight you purchased was the first week of a job I 
had just started.  You were requiring me to take an entire day off of 
that new job, to do something you were completely capable of doing 
yourself.  At the time of the flight you purchased I did not have a 
vehicle and was dependent on the use of Liz's vehicle and/or public 
transit.  Liz had to be at work at the time of the flight, and the 
travel time to the airport on public transit was more than 3 hours from 
home.  My job was in Burbank, which was 2.5 hours from home.  You booked 
the flight for 1pm.  There was no way to get G***** to the airport by 
12pm without having to take the entire day off from work.

In the current case, I am not requiring ANYTHING of you, regardless of 
which dates G***** travels on.

5. You were perfectly able to come to LA and pick G***** up as you had 
done many times previous.  Had you done so I would not have refused to 
allow you to take him.

In the current case, I am not able to go to Phoenix and pick G***** up 
(according to you) because I've been deported (as a result of your 
actions) and am not allowed to re-enter the US (according to you).  
Therefore, *YOU* created a situation whereby the ONLY way that G***** 
can visit with me is to fly.  So, this is all a problem that has been 
created by *YOU*, not me.

So, you see, there is no comparison between the time you're referring to 
and this time.

>  filing for a restraining order the day prior to visitation, 
Absolutely!  Because I had just found out about yours and Kris's drug 
use, and Kris's arrest with G***** present.  To me that seems an 
entirely reasonable basis for being concerned about an 11 year old's 
safety.  Do you not?  What am I saying?  Of course you don't. I mean, 
that *IS* your lifestyle.  It is the life you have chosen.

> to sending him for a week with nothing but the clothes on his back and 
> a box of Jewish crackers.
Again, absolutely!  I was just doing back to you exactly what you had 
done previously.  When you took G***** to Arizona in August 2011 you 
proceeded to dispose of some of his clothes, then when you finally 
returned him in November you returned him with out any clothes.  You 
made him leave the clothes you had gotten him in Arizona.  Why is it 
okay for you to do but not for me?

>   You and he decided that he would not participate in any event over 
> Christmas break (including eating dinner) because he was 'Jewish' and 
> it was against his religion. 
Yes, and?  We don't celebrate Christmas.  What's your point?  You were 
completely absent from his life from the age of 18 months through 11 
years, then you show up and try to force your way of life on him?  What 
the fuck is wrong with you?

> You sure as hell never permitted me to have him for a visitation 
> without return plans solidified.
I never once required you to provide return flight information.  It has 
always been my hope that you *WOULD* abscond so that I could take that 
to the court and have you removed for good.

What is wrong with your memory?

>   I believe I have been extremely accommodating to you, given the 
> hardship you caused me while you had partial custody.
What hardship, exactly?  Do you mean my not wanting G***** to be around 
people that are trying to convince him that marijuana is great and one 
day he'll grow to love it?  Do you mean the hardship I caused by forcing 
Kris to take him and Sage to Walmart to pass counterfeit notes?  Or the 
hardship I caused by forcing you to keep drugs in the open (in your 
unlocked night table)?  Jesus fucking Christ woman!  You're sick the way 
you try to blame everything on everyone else.  Did I make you do any of 
that stuff?  Are you not the one that withheld all that information, 
then denied it when I asked you about it, then got mad and fought with 
me when I showed you that I had proof?

You're a fucking work of art.

>   Where's your argument again?
I believe I just presented it.

> On Thursday, May 7, 2015, Patrick  > wrote:
>     Desiree:
>     Get this through your fucking head: Fuck you!  I will not bow down
>     to your ridiculous requirements.  I have provided you G*****'s
>     flight information and that is all I am going to do.  If you had a
>     history of being reasonable and civilized then I might be more
>     accommodating, but you don't!  Your history is filled with
>     backstabbing, lying, forcing people to do what you want, throwing
>     fits when you don't get your way, and doing things that harm
>     innocent bystanders just to get what you want.
>     You cannot claim to be concerned about G*****'s well being or
>     safety when he's been with you for over 2 years and you've not
>     fulfilled any of your parental obligations to him.  You have no
>     concern for his well being and safety UNTIL it comes to his
>     visitation with me.  You allowed Kristopher to take him along
>     while he was high out of his fucking mind on meth, committing
>     crimes, yet you pretend to be concerned about his safety with me? 
>     Get a fucking clue you stupid bitch!  You keep drugs in the home
>     and you fill his head with your racist, anti-immigrant bullshit,
>     but you say I'm cause for concern?
>     As I've said, this discussion is done!  I dare you to not let
>     G***** catch his flights on May 24th and May 28th.  When G*****
>     was in my custody did I EVER attempt to interfere with your
>     visits?  NO, I did not!
>     Get it through your thick fucking skull that parental visitation
>     is NOT for the parent's benefit!!!  How fucking narcissistic are
>     you that you cannot see that?  Do you really think that you're
>     hurting me by doing this?  I WANT you to refuse to allow G*****
>     to visit so that he despises you that much more.  Do you think he
>     believes the bullshit excuses that you tell him to justify your
>     actions?  He, and everyone, sees through your shit.  Do you think
>     he bought your crap about "just doing your patriotic duty" by
>     calling ICE?  Or your lame excuse that you keep calling me Ricky
>     because that's the name on our court cases?
>     The only thing that is agitating me about what you do is that I
>     don't want G***** to have the same shitting childhood that I had,
>     but you're going out of your way to make sure he does. All the
>     shit you do is the same shit that my mother did.  And the end
>     result for her is that I despised her and had nothing to do with
>     her after I left home.  The same thing you're doing to G*****.
>     Now fuck off and go bother someone else.
>     Patrick
>     On 05/07/2015 11:01 AM, Desiree Capuano wrote:
>>     Let me try this again.  You have provided the details of
>>     G*****'s travel to Canada.  You have yet to provide the details
>>     of him travel from Canada to Phoenix.  While I am uncomfortable
>>     with him departing without a return ticket purchased, I will
>>     allow it if you provide the date to which you will purchase his
>>     return ticket and provide me with the details of said flight.
>>     Are you refusing to
>>     A. Purchase a return flight for G***** prior to his departure or
>>     B. Provide me with a date that I can expect to receive the flight
>>     information for his return?
>>     Please be very clear in your response.
>>     On Thursday, May 7, 2015, Desiree Capuano
>>      wrote:
>>         You believe the court will accept half of a vacation travel
>>         plan as "reasonable"?
>>         On Thursday, May 7, 2015, Patrick
>>          wrote:
>>             Desiree:
>>             Now that we agree on the definitions of "full" and
>>             "itinerary", then does that mean that you acknowledge
>>             that a "full itinerary"  would include a detailed
>>             account, including times of arrival and departure of each
>>             location (not just the airports) the traveller will be
>>             during the trip?  That is, after all, a "full
>>             itinerary".  That is what I was trying to explain to you
>>             previously when you were refusing to clarify what you
>>             meant by "full itinerary".  You eventually stated that
>>             you just required the flight information.  You are now
>>             completely contradicting what you said previously, and
>>             agreeing to what I was saying - which you had previously
>>             accused me of playing word games over.
>>             Flip-flop?  You just argue whatever point serves your
>>             purpose at any moment, huh?  Even when it completely
>>             contradicts the points you made yesterday?
>>             Anyway, I'm not playing along.  I've provided you
>>             G*****'s flight information from PHX to LAX, and from
>>             LAX to YVR.  That is all you're getting. Even that is
>>             more than the court would require and it meets the
>>             definition of "reasonable".
>>             Now, I don't have time for your nonsense today. As far as
>>             I'm concerned, this discussion is done.
>>             Patrick
>>             On 05/07/2015 09:34 AM, Desiree Capuano wrote:
>>>             April 26th
>>>             ...I will require a *full *itinerary for G*****'s
>>>             summer trip.
>>>             May 4th
>>>              I will need the travel plans (itinerary) *all *flights
>>>             G***** will be occupying
>>>             May 5th
>>>             The above visitation as previously stated ALSO is
>>>             contingent upon a *full *travel itinerary including all
>>>             flight and travel plans.
>>>             The term '*full*' means (from
>>>             ):
>>>             adjective, fuller, fullest.
>>>             1. completely filled; containing all that can be held;
>>>             filled to utmost capacity
>>>             2. complete; entire; maximum:
>>>             3. of the maximum size, amount, extent, volume, etc.
>>>             The term '*all*' means (from
>>>             ):
>>>             adjective
>>>             1.the whole of (used in referring to quantity, extent,
>>>             or duration):
>>>             2. the whole number of (used in referring to individuals
>>>             or particulars, taken collectively):
>>>             3. the greatest possible (used in referring to quality
>>>             or degree):
>>>             4. every:
>>>             5. any; any whatever:
>>>             6. nothing but; only:
>>>             7. dominated by or as if by the conspicuous possession
>>>             or use of a particular feature:
>>>             So you see - I did require ALL travel itineraries. 
>>>             However, if you are having money issues,  I understand. 
>>>             If you do not have the funds available to secure a
>>>             return flight from Vancouver to Phoenix on July 12th
>>>             prior to his departure, then tell me the exact date to
>>>             which you will provide G*****'s return flight
>>>             itinerary.  That date will serve as the deadline for
>>>             this action item.
>>>             On Wed, May 6, 2015 at 10:05 PM, Patrick
>>>              wrote:
>>>                 So no comment on the turning 16 thing? Didn't think
>>>                 so.  You didn't realize that when you set this
>>>                 course of action in motion, did you?  You didn't
>>>                 even stop to consider what the consequences of your
>>>                 actions would be, did you?
>>>                 You had no idea that the legal age to be independent
>>>                 of your parents, in Ontario, was 16.  And that by
>>>                 G***** receiving Canadian citizenship that it meant
>>>                 that on his 16th birthday he could walk out your
>>>                 door and never, ever have to see or speak to you
>>>                 ever again, huh?  And the best part is that if,
>>>                 before he turns 18, he steps outside of Ontario THEN
>>>                 at that moment you have the legal authority to have
>>>                 him brought back to you by force.  But as long as
>>>                 he's in Ontario there's not a damn thing you, or any
>>>                 US law enforcement agency, or any US court can do
>>>                 about it.
>>>                 Now, if he was a US citizen and NOT also a Canadian
>>>                 citizen, THEN the Canadian authorities would have to
>>>                 send him back to the US.  But as long as he has
>>>                 Canadian citizenship (which he now has for the rest
>>>                 of his life (thanks to you for setting things in
>>>                 motion), and he's over the age of 16, he can live on
>>>                 his own, have his own apartment, get his own
>>>                 firearms license, his own driver's license.  And he
>>>                 won't need anyone's permission to do so.
>>>                 And, by the time he turns 16, next year, what he
>>>                 will remember is things like you refusing to allow
>>>                 him to visit and refusing to provide a decent reason
>>>                 why.  You taking away his property (like video game
>>>                 consoles) because you say "it's not fair to Sage". 
>>>                 You taking him, by force, from Liz and forcing him
>>>                 to live in Arizona.  You refusing to let him have
>>>                 things he, as a child with parents with a combined
>>>                 income over $200,000, should have.  You refusing to
>>>                 take him to the doctor for regular check ups.  You
>>>                 refusing to have the anomaly in in his eye checked. 
>>>                 You calling ICE on his father and having him
>>>                 deported for no justifiable reason, other than to
>>>                 get custody of him by default.  You never bothering
>>>                 to teach him things about life.
>>>                 I was really hoping to surprise you with this on
>>>                 September 28, 2016, but I guess the cat's out of the
>>>                 bag now.
>>>                 Do you ever get tired of being the perpetual loser? 
>>>                 You ever think to yourself "what's the point"?  Ever
>>>                 seem to you that maybe life is just to fucking hard
>>>                 and there's no point because we're all gonna die in
>>>                 the end anyway?  If not, well, that's too bad - the
>>>                 world is going to be a better place when you are no
>>>                 longer in it.
>>>                 Good evening,
>>>                 Desiree
>>>                 On 05/06/2015 07:34 PM, Desiree Capuano wrote:
>>>>                 Please provide me with your hotel information.  I
>>>>                 will make sure I am available for the "pick up"
>>>>                 schedule.
>>>>                 On Wednesday, May 6, 2015, Patrick
>>>>                  wrote:
>>>>                     Desiree:
>>>>                     Either your English skills are horrendous or
>>>>                     you really do think of your offspring as
>>>>                     possessions?
>>>>                     I am planning to accompany G***** to the
>>>>                     Vancouver International Airport on or before
>>>>                     July 12, 2015, and being present with him until
>>>>                     he passes through the security checkpoint.  I
>>>>                     cannot force him to do anything past that
>>>>                     point.  I also have no intention of, as you
>>>>                     say, "returning him".
>>>>                     G***** is a human being, not a possession. 
>>>>                     Neither you, nor I have the power to force him
>>>>                     to do something against his will.  All I can,
>>>>                     and will, do is make every reasonable effort to
>>>>                     ensure he is at the airport in time to board
>>>>                     his return flight.
>>>>                     Why would you even ask such a stupid question? 
>>>>                     I mean, if I was intending to do something like
>>>>                     abscond with G***** do you think I would admit
>>>>                     it beforehand?  And if that was my intention,
>>>>                     why would I bother going through all this
>>>>                     stupid shit with you?  Why wouldn't I just go
>>>>                     to Phoenix and pick him up?  What?  Do you
>>>>                     think it's impossible for me to walk right into
>>>>                     the US?  Do you think they scrutinize me every
>>>>                     time I cross the border?  My god, there is no
>>>>                     end to your stupidity, is there?
>>>>                     And besides, what do you really care?  You only
>>>>                     have, at most, another 16 months until you have
>>>>                     absolutely no legal authority over him,
>>>>                     anyway.  Yeah, that's right, the day he turns
>>>>                     16 and his foot touches the ground in the
>>>>                     Province of Ontario he is a legal adult and
>>>>                     cannot be forced to return to his parents -
>>>>                     because he now has Canadian citizenship -
>>>>                     because of *YOUR* actions.  I don't even need
>>>>                     to be in Canada myself.
>>>>                     Patrick
>>>>                     On 05/06/2015 06:46 PM, Desiree Capuano wrote:
>>>>>                     Are you planning on returning G*****?
>>>>>                     On Wednesday, May 6, 2015, Patrick
>>>>>                      wrote:
>>>>>                         Desiree:
>>>>>                         I cannot imagine why you would hear that
>>>>>                         because I never said that.
>>>>>                         I will tell you this, unequivocally: Since
>>>>>                         you did not require I provide the return
>>>>>                         flight information in order to allow
>>>>>                         G***** to travel from Phoenix to Los
>>>>>                         Angeles on May 24, 2015, then from Los
>>>>>                         Angeles to Vancouver on May 28, 2015, and
>>>>>                         you only brought that up AFTER I purchased
>>>>>                         the tickets, then NO!  I absolutely will
>>>>>                         not purchase his return ticket until I
>>>>>                         know he is actually going to be present in
>>>>>                         Vancouver.
>>>>>                         I have no history of backing out of
>>>>>                         commitments, or saying completely false
>>>>>                         stuff to get what I want. You do!  You are
>>>>>                         the one that cannot be trusted, not me.
>>>>>                         Now, our dealings here are done.  I have
>>>>>                         fulfilled the requirements you stated in
>>>>>                         writing.  You are now attempting to change
>>>>>                         those requirements by adding new
>>>>>                         requirements.  It is not going to happen! 
>>>>>                         I don't believe there is anything further
>>>>>                         for us to discuss between now and when
>>>>>                         G***** arrives here on May 28, 2015.
>>>>>                         I have posted all of our emails from today
>>>>>                         onto your wonderful website so there is a
>>>>>                         public record of all of your words.
>>>>>                         Good day,
>>>>>                         Patrick
>>>>>                         On 05/06/2015 06:35 PM, Desiree Capuano wrote:
>>>>>>                         So, what I hear is that you will send me
>>>>>>                         the details of his return itinerary
>>>>>>                         before he travels on the 24th of May?
>>>>>>                         On Wednesday, May 6, 2015, Patrick
>>>>>>                          wrote:
>>>>>>                             Desiree:
>>>>>>                             I'd like to point out that that was
>>>>>>                             NOT one of your stated requirements. 
>>>>>>                             I told G***** that this is what you
>>>>>>                             would do: you'll make up a bunch of
>>>>>>                             requirements then, if I meet those
>>>>>>                             requirements, you'll add more
>>>>>>                             requirements, and if I meet those
>>>>>>                             you'll just keep adding more.  Same
>>>>>>                             shit my mother used to do to my father.
>>>>>>                             Well, it ain't gonna happen.  I met
>>>>>>                             your requirements and I'm just dying
>>>>>>                             for you to fuck up enough that the
>>>>>>                             court will consider your behavior
>>>>>>                             egregious.  So far you've:
>>>>>>                             - refused to allow G***** to visit
>>>>>>                             during one extended school break;
>>>>>>                             - taken away his phone, cutting off
>>>>>>                             all communication between him and I
>>>>>>                             for an extended duration of time,
>>>>>>                             without providing me any notice;
>>>>>>                             - taken away his debit card so I
>>>>>>                             cannot provide him financial support;
>>>>>>                             - refused to provide him even the
>>>>>>                             minimal level of medical care that
>>>>>>                             the California legislature mandates;
>>>>>>                             - continued to keep drugs in the home.
>>>>>>                             So, go ahead, refuse to let him visit
>>>>>>                             over the summer.  Give me a reason
>>>>>>                             that the court will consider
>>>>>>                             justifiable to take away not only
>>>>>>                             your custody but also visitation. 
>>>>>>                             And keep giving G***** reasons to
>>>>>>                             resent you. Regardless of what the
>>>>>>                             court does, the important thing is
>>>>>>                             that G***** grows to hate you and
>>>>>>                             you are doing an excellent job of
>>>>>>                             pushing him in that direction.
>>>>>>                             Patrick
>>>>>>                             On 05/06/2015 05:58 PM, Desiree
>>>>>>                             Capuano wrote:
>>>>>>>                             If I do not have a travel itinerary
>>>>>>>                             for G*****'s return flight to
>>>>>>>                             Phoenix on July 12th, 2015 then he
>>>>>>>                             will not board a plan to travel
>>>>>>>                             anywhere.  Are you still unclear as
>>>>>>>                             to my meaning?
>>>>>>>                             On Wed, May 6, 2015 at 5:51 PM,
>>>>>>>                             Patrick
>>>>>>>                              wrote:
>>>>>>>                                 I cannot possibly answer that
>>>>>>>                                 question.  I suspect what you
>>>>>>>                                 mean to ask is not actually what
>>>>>>>                                 you asked.
>>>>>>>                                 On 05/06/2015 05:44 PM, Desiree
>>>>>>>                                 Capuano wrote:
>>>>>>>>                                 Thank you for the itineraries.
>>>>>>>>                                 When can I expect one for his
>>>>>>>>                                 return trip?
>>>>>>>>                                 On Wednesday, May 6, 2015,
>>>>>>>>                                 Patrick
>>>>>>>>                                  wrote:
>>>>>>>>                                     Desiree:
>>>>>>>>                                     At least my insults to you
>>>>>>>>                                     are based in reality.
>>>>>>>>                                     Surely, you're not trying
>>>>>>>>                                     to suggest that you're
>>>>>>>>                                     intellectually superior to
>>>>>>>>                                     me.  I believe our many
>>>>>>>>                                     debates via email show that
>>>>>>>>                                     not to be true.
>>>>>>>>                                     Patrick
>>>>>>>>                                     On 05/06/2015 04:46 PM,
>>>>>>>>                                     Desiree Capuano wrote:
>>>>>>>>>                                     Funny but "stupid fucking
>>>>>>>>>                                     cunt" looks nothing like a
>>>>>>>>>                                     travel itinerary...maybe
>>>>>>>>>                                     you're confused again.  Do
>>>>>>>>>                                     you need me to copy and
>>>>>>>>>                                     paste an example for you??
>>>>>>>>>                                     On Wednesday, May 6, 2015,
>>>>>>>>>                                     Patrick
>>>>>>>>>                                     wrote:
>>>>>>>>>                                         Sorry, I meant to say
>>>>>>>>>                                         "stupid fucking cunt".
>>>>>>>>>                                         On 05/06/2015 04:38
>>>>>>>>>                                         PM, Desiree Capuano wrote:
>>>>>>>>>>                                soon as you
>>>>>>>>>>                                         send me a travel
>>>>>>>>>>                                         itinerary.
>>>>>>>>>>                                         On Wednesday, May 6,
>>>>>>>>>>                                         2015, Patrick
>>>>>>>>>>                                         wrote:
>>>>>>>>>>                                             Desiree:
>>>>>>>>>>                                             Can you stop
>>>>>>>>>>                                             being a stupid
>>>>>>>>>>                                             fucking for even
>>>>>>>>>>                                             just a minute?
>>>>>>>>>>                                             Patrick
>>>>>>>>>>                                             On 05/06/2015
>>>>>>>>>>                                             04:31 PM, Desiree
>>>>>>>>>>                                             Capuano wrote:
>>>>>>>>>>>                                             You're right, I
>>>>>>>>>>>                                             didn't call
>>>>>>>>>>>                                             every single
>>>>>>>>>>>                                             airline to check
>>>>>>>>>>>                                             their age
>>>>>>>>>>>                                             limitations for
>>>>>>>>>>>                                             you.  Did you
>>>>>>>>>>>                                             need me to do
>>>>>>>>>>>                                             all of the
>>>>>>>>>>>                                             research for
>>>>>>>>>>>                                             you?  Do you
>>>>>>>>>>>                                             need me to hold
>>>>>>>>>>>                                             your hand
>>>>>>>>>>>                                             through this
>>>>>>>>>>>                                             whole process??
>>>>>>>>>>>                                             On Wednesday,
>>>>>>>>>>>                                             May 6, 2015,
>>>>>>>>>>>                                             Patrick
>>>>>>>>>>>                                             wrote:
>>>>>>>>>>>                                                 Desiree:
>>>>>>>>>>>                                                 Sure, and if
>>>>>>>>>>>                                                 he can be at
>>>>>>>>>>>                                                 PHX by
>>>>>>>>>>>                                                 4:30am then
>>>>>>>>>>>                                                 there's a
>>>>>>>>>>>                                                 6:37am
>>>>>>>>>>>                                                 flight on
>>>>>>>>>>>                                                 Air Canada
>>>>>>>>>>>                                                 for $395,
>>>>>>>>>>>                                                 with a 2:15
>>>>>>>>>>>                                                 layover in
>>>>>>>>>>>                                                 San Fran,
>>>>>>>>>>>                                                 for a total
>>>>>>>>>>>                                                 travel time
>>>>>>>>>>>                                                 of 6:50; or
>>>>>>>>>>>                                                 there's a
>>>>>>>>>>>                                                 couple of
>>>>>>>>>>>                                                 6:11am Air
>>>>>>>>>>>                                                 Canadas for
>>>>>>>>>>>                                                 $463 with 2
>>>>>>>>>>>                                                 stops for a
>>>>>>>>>>>                                                 travel time
>>>>>>>>>>>                                                 of 10:17 and
>>>>>>>>>>>                                                 11:47,
>>>>>>>>>>>                                                 respectively; or
>>>>>>>>>>>                                                 a 1:43 with
>>>>>>>>>>>                                                 one layover
>>>>>>>>>>>                                                 in Denver
>>>>>>>>>>>                                                 for $559,
>>>>>>>>>>>                                                 travel time:
>>>>>>>>>>>                                                 7:26.
>>>>>>>>>>>                                                 Do you do
>>>>>>>>>>>                                                 everything
>>>>>>>>>>>                                                 half-assed?
>>>>>>>>>>>                                                 Can you just
>>>>>>>>>>>                                                 go away and
>>>>>>>>>>>                                                 shut up?  I
>>>>>>>>>>>                                                 don't
>>>>>>>>>>>                                                 believe that
>>>>>>>>>>>                                                 there is ANY
>>>>>>>>>>>                                                 way that
>>>>>>>>>>>                                                 your
>>>>>>>>>>>                                                 involvement
>>>>>>>>>>>                                                 in something
>>>>>>>>>>>                                                 would ever
>>>>>>>>>>>                                                 make it
>>>>>>>>>>>                                                 better so
>>>>>>>>>>>                                                 why don't
>>>>>>>>>>>                                                 you just go
>>>>>>>>>>>                                                 to your room
>>>>>>>>>>>                                                 and smoke
>>>>>>>>>>>                                                 some weed or
>>>>>>>>>>>                                                 something?
>>>>>>>>>>>                                                 Patrick
>>>>>>>>>>>                                                 On
>>>>>>>>>>>                                                 05/06/2015
>>>>>>>>>>>                                                 04:15 PM,
>>>>>>>>>>>                                                 Desiree
>>>>>>>>>>>                                                 Capuano wrote:
>>>>>>>>>>>>                                                 Air Canada
>>>>>>>>>>>>                                                 allows it
>>>>>>>>>>>>                                                 at 12 - I
>>>>>>>>>>>>                                                 already
>>>>>>>>>>>>                                                 called them.
>>>>>>>>>>>>                                                 On
>>>>>>>>>>>>                                                 Wednesday,
>>>>>>>>>>>>                                                 May 6,
>>>>>>>>>>>>                                                 2015,
>>>>>>>>>>>>                                                 Patrick

>>>>>>>>>>>>                                                 wrote:
>>>>>>>>>>>>                                                     Desiree:
>>>>>>>>>>>>                                                     Do you
>>>>>>>>>>>>                                                     realize
>>>>>>>>>>>>                                                     that
>>>>>>>>>>>>                                                     many
>>>>>>>>>>>>                                                     airlines now
>>>>>>>>>>>>                                                     do not
>>>>>>>>>>>>                                                     let a
>>>>>>>>>>>>                                                     person
>>>>>>>>>>>>                                                     under
>>>>>>>>>>>>                                                     15
>>>>>>>>>>>>                                                     travel
>>>>>>>>>>>>                                                     alone? 
>>>>>>>>>>>>                                                     Do you
>>>>>>>>>>>>                                                     realize
>>>>>>>>>>>>                                                     how
>>>>>>>>>>>>                                                     that
>>>>>>>>>>>>                                                     limits
>>>>>>>>>>>>                                                     the
>>>>>>>>>>>>                                                     number
>>>>>>>>>>>>                                                     of
>>>>>>>>>>>>                                                     flights
>>>>>>>>>>>>                                                     available
>>>>>>>>>>>>                                                     to
>>>>>>>>>>>>                                                     choose
>>>>>>>>>>>>                                                     from?
>>>>>>>>>>>>                                                     Do you
>>>>>>>>>>>>                                                     ever
>>>>>>>>>>>>                                                     look
>>>>>>>>>>>>                                                     into
>>>>>>>>>>>>                                                     things
>>>>>>>>>>>>                                                     before
>>>>>>>>>>>>                                                     you speak?
>>>>>>>>>>>>                                                     I am
>>>>>>>>>>>>                                                     calling
>>>>>>>>>>>>                                                     airlines right
>>>>>>>>>>>>                                                     now. 
>>>>>>>>>>>>                                                     If I am
>>>>>>>>>>>>                                                     able to
>>>>>>>>>>>>                                                     secure
>>>>>>>>>>>>                                                     a
>>>>>>>>>>>>                                                     ticket
>>>>>>>>>>>>                                                     I will
>>>>>>>>>>>>                                                     let you
>>>>>>>>>>>>                                                     know.
>>>>>>>>>>>>                                                     Patrick
>>>>>>>>>>>>                                                     On
>>>>>>>>>>>>                                                     05/06/2015
>>>>>>>>>>>>                                                     04:09
>>>>>>>>>>>>                                                     PM,
>>>>>>>>>>>>                                                     Desiree
>>>>>>>>>>>>                                                     Capuano
>>>>>>>>>>>>                                                     wrote:
>>>>>>>>>>>>>                                                     I
>>>>>>>>>>>>>                                                     would
>>>>>>>>>>>>>                                                     assume
>>>>>>>>>>>>>                                                     with
>>>>>>>>>>>>>                                                     all
>>>>>>>>>>>>>                                                     that
>>>>>>>>>>>>>                                                     free
>>>>>>>>>>>>>                                                     time
>>>>>>>>>>>>>                                                     on
>>>>>>>>>>>>>                                                     your
>>>>>>>>>>>>>                                                     hands
>>>>>>>>>>>>>                                                     you
>>>>>>>>>>>>>                                                     would
>>>>>>>>>>>>>                                                     be
>>>>>>>>>>>>>                                                     able
>>>>>>>>>>>>>                                                     to
>>>>>>>>>>>>>                                                     secure
>>>>>>>>>>>>>                                                     G***** a
>>>>>>>>>>>>>                                                     plane
>>>>>>>>>>>>>                                                     ticket, yet
>>>>>>>>>>>>>                                                     I
>>>>>>>>>>>>>                                                     don't
>>>>>>>>>>>>>                                                     have a
>>>>>>>>>>>>>                                                     travel
>>>>>>>>>>>>>                                                     itinerary.
>>>>>>>>>>>>>                                                     On
>>>>>>>>>>>>>                                                     Wednesday,
>>>>>>>>>>>>>                                                     May 6,
>>>>>>>>>>>>>                                                     2015,
>>>>>>>>>>>>>                                                     Patrick

>>>>>>>>>>>>>                                                     wrote:
>>>>>>>>>>>>>                                                         Desiree:
>>>>>>>>>>>>>                                                         Last
>>>>>>>>>>>>>                                                         night
>>>>>>>>>>>>>                                                         I
>>>>>>>>>>>>>                                                         sent
>>>>>>>>>>>>>                                                         you an
>>>>>>>>>>>>>                                                         email
>>>>>>>>>>>>>                                                         requesting
>>>>>>>>>>>>>                                                         what
>>>>>>>>>>>>>                                                         you will
>>>>>>>>>>>>>                                                         permit
>>>>>>>>>>>>>                                                         with
>>>>>>>>>>>>>                                                         respect
>>>>>>>>>>>>>                                                         to
>>>>>>>>>>>>>                                                         layover
>>>>>>>>>>>>>                                                         duration,
>>>>>>>>>>>>>                                                         et
>>>>>>>>>>>>>                                                         cetera. 
>>>>>>>>>>>>>                                                         Why,
>>>>>>>>>>>>>                                                         when
>>>>>>>>>>>>>                                                         I
>>>>>>>>>>>>>                                                         request
>>>>>>>>>>>>>                                                         clarification
>>>>>>>>>>>>>                                                         of
>>>>>>>>>>>>>                                                         anything
>>>>>>>>>>>>>                                                         from
>>>>>>>>>>>>>                                                         you,
>>>>>>>>>>>>>                                                         do
>>>>>>>>>>>>>                                                         you always
>>>>>>>>>>>>>                                                         refuse
>>>>>>>>>>>>>                                                         to
>>>>>>>>>>>>>                                                         provide
>>>>>>>>>>>>>                                                         it? You
>>>>>>>>>>>>>                                                         refuse
>>>>>>>>>>>>>                                                         to
>>>>>>>>>>>>>                                                         be
>>>>>>>>>>>>>                                                         clear
>>>>>>>>>>>>>                                                         -
>>>>>>>>>>>>>                                                         even
>>>>>>>>>>>>>                                                         when
>>>>>>>>>>>>>                                                         the other
>>>>>>>>>>>>>                                                         party
>>>>>>>>>>>>>                                                         explicitly
>>>>>>>>>>>>>                                                         requests
>>>>>>>>>>>>>                                                         clarification
>>>>>>>>>>>>>                                                         -
>>>>>>>>>>>>>                                                         and then
>>>>>>>>>>>>>                                                         later
>>>>>>>>>>>>>                                                         you try
>>>>>>>>>>>>>                                                         to
>>>>>>>>>>>>>                                                         accuse
>>>>>>>>>>>>>                                                         the other
>>>>>>>>>>>>>                                                         party
>>>>>>>>>>>>>                                                         of
>>>>>>>>>>>>>                                                         what
>>>>>>>>>>>>>                                                         you meant. 
>>>>>>>>>>>>>                                                         Maybe
>>>>>>>>>>>>>                                                         if
>>>>>>>>>>>>>                                                         you used
>>>>>>>>>>>>>                                                         the English
>>>>>>>>>>>>>                                                         language
>>>>>>>>>>>>>                                                         correctly
>>>>>>>>>>>>>                                                         clarification
>>>>>>>>>>>>>                                                         would
>>>>>>>>>>>>>                                                         not be
>>>>>>>>>>>>>                                                         necessary.
>>>>>>>>>>>>>                                                         Patrick
>>>>>>>>>>>>>                                                         On
>>>>>>>>>>>>>                                                         05/06/2015
>>>>>>>>>>>>>                                                         02:23
>>>>>>>>>>>>>                                                         PM, Desiree
>>>>>>>>>>>>>                                                         Capuano
>>>>>>>>>>>>>                                                         wrote:
>>>>>>>>>>>>>>                                                         Once
>>>>>>>>>>>>>>                                                         again
>>>>>>>>>>>>>>                                                         -
>>>>>>>>>>>>>>                                                         I
>>>>>>>>>>>>>>                                                         don't
>>>>>>>>>>>>>>                                                         see
>>>>>>>>>>>>>>                                                         a
>>>>>>>>>>>>>>                                                         travel
>>>>>>>>>>>>>>                                                         itinerary. 
>>>>>>>>>>>>>>                                                         Do you
>>>>>>>>>>>>>>                                                         want
>>>>>>>>>>>>>>                                                         to keep
>>>>>>>>>>>>>>                                                         talking
>>>>>>>>>>>>>>                                                         or do
>>>>>>>>>>>>>>                                                         you
>>>>>>>>>>>>>>                                                         want
>>>>>>>>>>>>>>                                                         to see
>>>>>>>>>>>>>>                                                         your
>>>>>>>>>>>>>>                                                         son? 
>>>>>>>>>>>>>>                                                         Are
>>>>>>>>>>>>>>                                                         you
>>>>>>>>>>>>>>                                                         seriously
>>>>>>>>>>>>>>                                                         suggesting
>>>>>>>>>>>>>>                                                         you
>>>>>>>>>>>>>>                                                         would
>>>>>>>>>>>>>>                                                         book
>>>>>>>>>>>>>>                                                         G*****
>>>>>>>>>>>>>>                                                         on a
>>>>>>>>>>>>>>                                                         15 hour
>>>>>>>>>>>>>>                                                         flight?
>>>>>>>>>>>>>>                                                         On Wednesday,
>>>>>>>>>>>>>>                                                         May
>>>>>>>>>>>>>>                                                         6, 2015,
>>>>>>>>>>>>>>                                                         Patrick

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>                                                         wrote:
>>>>>>>>>>>>>>                                                             Desiree:
>>>>>>>>>>>>>>                                                             That's
>>>>>>>>>>>>>>                                                             wonderful.
>>>>>>>>>>>>>>                                                             You
>>>>>>>>>>>>>>                                                             have
>>>>>>>>>>>>>>                                                             never
>>>>>>>>>>>>>>                                                             indicated
>>>>>>>>>>>>>>                                                             that
>>>>>>>>>>>>>>                                                             you
>>>>>>>>>>>>>>                                                             would
>>>>>>>>>>>>>>                                                             allow
>>>>>>>>>>>>>>                                                             a flight
>>>>>>>>>>>>>>                                                             which
>>>>>>>>>>>>>>                                                             has
>>>>>>>>>>>>>>                                                             connectors
>>>>>>>>>>>>>>                                                             and
>>>>>>>>>>>>>>                                                             based
>>>>>>>>>>>>>>                                                             on
>>>>>>>>>>>>>>                                                             your
>>>>>>>>>>>>>>                                                             refusal
>>>>>>>>>>>>>>                                                             to
>>>>>>>>>>>>>>                                                             allow
>>>>>>>>>>>>>>                                                             your
>>>>>>>>>>>>>>                                                             children
>>>>>>>>>>>>>>                                                             any
>>>>>>>>>>>>>>                                                             one
>>>>>>>>>>>>>>                                                             must
>>>>>>>>>>>>>>                                                             assume
>>>>>>>>>>>>>>                                                             that
>>>>>>>>>>>>>>                                                             you
>>>>>>>>>>>>>>                                                             would
>>>>>>>>>>>>>>                                                             not
>>>>>>>>>>>>>>                                                             be
>>>>>>>>>>>>>>                                                             amenable
>>>>>>>>>>>>>>                                                             to
>>>>>>>>>>>>>>                                                             such
>>>>>>>>>>>>>>                                                             flights.
>>>>>>>>>>>>>>                                                             I have,
>>>>>>>>>>>>>>                                                             asked
>>>>>>>>>>>>>>                                                             you
>>>>>>>>>>>>>>                                                             whether
>>>>>>>>>>>>>>                                                             such
>>>>>>>>>>>>>>                                                             travel
>>>>>>>>>>>>>>                                                             would
>>>>>>>>>>>>>>                                                             be
>>>>>>>>>>>>>>                                                             and
>>>>>>>>>>>>>>                                                             you
>>>>>>>>>>>>>>                                                             have
>>>>>>>>>>>>>>                                                             refused
>>>>>>>>>>>>>>                                                             to
>>>>>>>>>>>>>>                                                             respond.
>>>>>>>>>>>>>>                                                             Are
>>>>>>>>>>>>>>                                                             you
>>>>>>>>>>>>>>                                                             saying
>>>>>>>>>>>>>>                                                             that
>>>>>>>>>>>>>>                                                             you're
>>>>>>>>>>>>>>                                                             okay
>>>>>>>>>>>>>>                                                             with
>>>>>>>>>>>>>>                                                             a 15
>>>>>>>>>>>>>>                                                             hour
>>>>>>>>>>>>>>                                                             flight,
>>>>>>>>>>>>>>                                                             including
>>>>>>>>>>>>>>                                                             a 10
>>>>>>>>>>>>>>                                                             hour
>>>>>>>>>>>>>>                                                             layover
>>>>>>>>>>>>>>                                                             in
>>>>>>>>>>>>>>                                                             a distant
>>>>>>>>>>>>>>                                                             city? 
>>>>>>>>>>>>>>                                                             You
>>>>>>>>>>>>>>                                                             may
>>>>>>>>>>>>>>                                                             notice,
>>>>>>>>>>>>>>                                                             the
>>>>>>>>>>>>>>                                                             lowest
>>>>>>>>>>>>>>                                                             priced
>>>>>>>>>>>>>>                                                             direct
>>>>>>>>>>>>>>                                                             flight
>>>>>>>>>>>>>>                                                             is
>>>>>>>>>>>>>>                                                             $965US,