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Parenting obviousness
From: Patrick <>
To: Desiree Capuano <>
Date: Sun, Apr 26 2015 9:19:51 pm
Tell me, Desiree, when you were a teenager and your parents told you not 
to do something, punished you for doing things they told you not to do, 
did it make you obey them?  Did it help to guide you in the right 
direction?  Did it make you a better person?

Or did it make you sneak behind their backs and get a job as a stripper 
so that you wouldn't have to live by their rules; and hook up with a 
married man who had a child (Michael); and run off to Los Angeles with a 
guy you had just met a few days earlier?

In case you've forgotten - you did all the second paragraph, not the 
first.  You and every other child/teenager that has ever had parents 
that tried to force them, under the threat of punishment, to do or not 
do something.

That is why I say that you're an idiot who is a terrible parent. You, 
like most people, just keep using the same tactics that your parents 
used, as if for you it's somehow going to turn out differently.  It 
won't.  It never does.  Sage is going to grow up and become a drug user 
and a criminal and probably be in prison by the time he's 22; he'll have 
numerous kids with different women; and you and him will still cling to 
your beliefs about the importance of family, even though you've ruined 
his life.  Meanwhile, G***** will have spent his time with you; gotten 
his fill of how people on the other side of the tracks live; and been 
smart enough to have gotten away from it before it's too late.

Now go be that wonderful parent you try to pretend you are.  Maybe you 
can have G*****'s eye checked; maybe you can take him to the dentist; 
maybe you can provide him some parently guidance to help him maneuver 
through life.  Or maybe you can do as you always do - nothing...just 
force him to shadow you when you go visit your trashy relatives and talk 
about how you've done such a good job raising him.

One final note: you see where I call you an idiot - but I have the 
decency to explain WHY I believe you're an idiot?  See how nice and 
civilized I am?  When was the last time you backed up your claims 
against me, huh?