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G*****'s flight restrictions
From: Patrick <>
To: Desiree Capuano <>
Date: Tue, May 05 2015 10:18:12 pm

Please state, in writing, which restrictions you will impose on 
G*****'s flight arrangements.  In particular, must it be a direct 
flight, or is a layover permitted.  And, if a layover is permitted, then 
what is the maximum duration of time you will allow between the two flights?

And, if you will allow a layover then how do you justify not allowing 
G***** to take a cab to the airport?  During the time of the layover he 
would be in an unfamiliar airport, unsupervised. That seems to me to be 
more significant than taking a cab a few miles from home to the airport, 
don't you think?

Be advised, I cannot proceed with purchasing G*****'s plane tickets 
until I receive confirmation of the layover allowances from you.