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Some stories to help you feel proud to be an American
From: Patrick <>
To: Desiree Capuano <>
Date: Mon, Apr 20 2015 11:16:49 pm

To help you feel even more proud to be an American (although, you're 
only American by default because you happened to be born there - not 
really something to be proud of), here are some recent articles about 
the wonderful things that have been going on.

Now, I know you're all for deported those people you consider "dirty 
Mexicans" (your words), but to have private "detention facilities" that 
make huge amounts of money from tax payers, by locking up people whose 
biggest offense is that they are in the country without authorization - 
while leaving millions of violent gang members, drug dealers, rapists, 
thieves, et cetera, on the streets to continue committing crimes?  
Really?  That's the society you're so proud to be part of?  In the US, 
the government wants to cut back on education costs, but they continue 
to increase the budgets for DETAINING illegal aliens - not the budget 
for DEPORTING them - there's no money for private businesses in 
deporting people.  Dude! That's fucking sick!

On the other hand, for me anyway, I can work for US companies 
(regardless of my citizenship), through my California corporation, being 
paid in US dollars, and not have to be part of what, over the past 15 
years, has become such a demented system.  And here's the best kicker: I 
just passed the background check to get clearance to work on a project 
for...wait for it...the Department of Homeland Security (through a 
contractor, of course).  Hooray, America!

Good evening,