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Desiree Capuano & James Pendleton
250 E. Placita Lago Del Mago
Sahuarita, AZ     85629
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G***** summer visitation 2015
From: Desiree Capuano <>
To: Patrick <>
Date: Mon, Apr 20 2015 10:32:57 am

  G***** has stated that for his summer vacation, he would like to visit
with you in Canada from May 24th to July 12th.  May you please confirm that
you will pick G***** up from the airport on May 24th, and return him to
the airport on July 12th?  During this time he is to remain in the care of
his father Richard Steve Riess in Canada, and is not permitted to be flown
to other sites such as California without my notification and express
written consent.  To that end, G***** has also expressed a desire to
travel to California during this time, for which I will need a full
itinerary including flight and contact information.  Please provide this
information as soon as possible so that there is no delay in his summer

Any deviation from the above stated shall be deemed kidnapping and a
violation of the terms of reasonable visitation.