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Re: Mail
From: Patrick <>
To: Desiree Capuano <>
Date: Thu, Apr 09 2015 3:06:59 pm
Please see my comments, inline, below.  I really hope you take the time 
to review all of my responses because as you do you'll begin to realize 
how ridiculous you sound.

On 04/09/2015 02:17 PM, Desiree Capuano wrote:
Why do you insist on calling me Richard when it is well established that my name is Patrick? Is it supposed to be some kind of insult? And, if so, how would it be considered insulting? Doesn't it really just demonstrate your refusal to accept reality?
I enjoy our banter as much as the next person... so long as said person is going through a quadruple root canal without pain medication and multiple broken bones.
Sarcasm doesn't transfer well in written for between adversarial parties - as an intelligent person should know. Therefore, I will give you the benefit of the doubt and assume you are an intelligent person; and I shall take the aforementioned statement as being literal. By the way, my earlier message didn't contain any "banter". Perhaps you should look up the definition of "banter".
That being said, your stalking behavior is really not welcomed.
I shall point out that you were the one that sent something, via mail, to me. Therefore, you initiated the communication. Therefore, if anyone is exhibiting "stalking behavior" it would be you.
Unless there is something pertinent pertaining to G*****, I have no desire to receive correspondence from you. Please cease and desist any and all communications that do not fall under the above guidance for communication.
I respectfully decline to comply with your request. But again, my earlier message was only informing you that you sent a package to my address in the name of a person which does not reside at my address, and that such package was being returned to you.
Further, you do not have my permission to use my e-mails, photos, recordings (audio and visual), likeness, or any other item of mine to include but not limited to the website you have put back up.
I do not require your permission. As long as I am not benefiting, materially, from the use of your likeness then you have no legal grounds.
In other words, stop stalking me... stop posting things online pretending to be me... stop assuming my identity through e-mail and other sources, and take down the domain and foolish website. (that serves as formal notice)
I think you need to look up the definition of "stalking" as well. It is not possible to "stalk" someone from 1500 miles away. As for the rest of your requests in the above statement, I respectfully decline. You are welcome to file a civil law suit against me if you believe you have been harmed in some way, but nothing that I have done, or will do, violates an laws of the US. Moreover, since both I, and the server which the site is hosted on, are located outside the US neither I, nor the site, are subject to US laws. You can try to take the issue up with the Canadian authorities, but since you are not a Canadian citizen and are not located in Canada then I don't imagine they will do much for you.
Now that we've gotten the pleasantries out of the way, you are correct. Your name is not Richard... would you prefer I send correspondence to Ricky Steve in the future?
You can send correspondence to any name you wish. However, if you expect me to accept it then it must either be unnamed, or addressed to Patrick. If you have ANY evidence that my name is Richard (or Ricky) then I'd love to see it.
That is your legal name given to you by your birth parents.
Do you have any proof of that? According to the Canadian government, the RCMP, the US Customs and Border Protection, et cetera, my name is Patrick. I have proof to support my claim, which I have forwarded you previously, and your response was that the documents were "falsified". So, I guess you're just smarter than both of the governments, and I guess I somehow faked the fingerprints which were taken by the Vancouver Police and submitted to the RCMP? You're such a fool. Dude! What is wrong with you?
I know your father, remember (something that a simple DNA test can resolve).
Good luck with that. My father past away in 1999. If you have any evidence to the contrary please submit it. I suspect you are referring to Steve - I'm more than willing to submit to a DNA test to establish whether there is any biological connection between him and I. Feel free to make the arrangements and I'll provide blood or hair or whatever they require.
If you are in fact not Richard as you claim, then I suppose you are willfully forfeiting all rights and legal claims to anything pertaining to Richard.
Sure. Not that it would make any difference.
If that is the case, I suppose I shall have to endeavor to find Richard who is G*****'s father.
Again, you're a fool. The name you put on G*****'s birth certificate is irrelevant. All it would take is a small sample of your blood, my blood, and G*****'s blood to determine whether I am his biological parent. Shall we proceed with that? Again, I have no objections to doing so if it would help to make you look foolish.
That is unless you have lawfully and legally changed your name? I'll entertain your lies for a moment... if the American and Canadian governments wouldn't allow you to use the name Richard any longer, please provide proof of name change and/or identity (ex: birth certificate).
We've already covered this, repeatedly. I've already provided you a copy of my birth certificate with the name Patrick. You responded that it was falsified. So far I've been able to provide proof or supporting evidence for all of my claims (both about myself and about you), yet you have NEVER been able to provide ANY evidence for any of the claims you've made against me which have been disputed.
Governments are big on process and documentation, so you must have something.
Yes, I have a birth certificate; a driver's license; a state issued photo ID; a federal firearms license; a social security card; a social insurance card; numerous credit and debit cards; articles of incorporation for 2 businesses; numerous bank accounts; insurance documents; et cetera - all with the name Patrick. And nothing with the name Richard (or Ricky). There is no legal document linking the name Richard with the name Patrick. Moreover, the Toronto Police have a mugshot and fingerprints of the original Ricky, from a 1991 arrest. As you can guess, they don't match mine. And that was one of the ways I was able to establish that I wasn't him - which is why I had to provide my fingerprints to the Vancouver PD and the RCMP. And, if I WAS that person, then I would not be able to legally change my name and there would be a warrant for my arrest and I wouldn't be able to get a PAL or own firearms. Do you see how your claims are just so full of holes? Sorry for you, but you married and had a child with someone you only know for 8 months and, apparently, didn't even know his name. As I've said: you're a white trash fool and an idiot. It's not your fault, it's just who you are. Have you ever seen any conclusive proof that my name was ever REALLY Richard? Or that Steve and Peggy were REALLY my biological parents? Or that I was REALLY born in Canada? No! You've not. Any such information was based only on what I'd told you. Haven't you ever wondered WHY I decided not to pursue the green card when we were together? Have you ever wondered WHY I was adamant about NOT having direct contact with the people you though were my family? Come on, dude! Are you really THAT clueless? Good day! Patrick
On Thursday, April 9, 2015, Patrick > wrote:
Hello, Desiree. I am thinking, perhaps, you don't understand what the word "alias" means. Being that there is no one at my address with the name "Richard S. ", and being that "Patrick" is my name, not an alias, the only legal course of action in this case would be for me to return the package to the sender. It is, after all, illegal to open or intercept another person's mail. So, I have returned the package, unopened, to the sender (you). Cheers, Patrick