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Re: Mail
From: Desiree Capuano <>
To: Patrick <>
Date: Thu, Apr 09 2015 2:17:32 pm

I enjoy our banter as much as the next person... so long as said person is
going through a quadruple root canal without pain medication and multiple
broken bones.  That being said, your stalking behavior is really not
welcomed.  Unless there is something pertinent pertaining to G*****, I
have no desire to receive correspondence from you.  Please cease and desist
any and all communications that do not fall under the above guidance for
communication.  Further, you do not have my permission to use my e-mails,
photos, recordings (audio and visual), likeness, or any other item of mine
to include but not limited to the website you have put back up.  In other
words, stop stalking me... stop posting things online pretending to be
me... stop assuming my identity through e-mail and other sources, and take
down the domain and foolish website.  (that serves as formal notice)

Now that we've gotten the pleasantries out of the way, you are correct.
Your name is not Richard... would you prefer I send correspondence to
Ricky Steve in the future?  That is your legal name given to you by
your birth parents.  I know your father, remember (something that a simple
DNA test can resolve).  If you are in fact not Richard as you claim,
then I suppose you are willfully forfeiting all rights and legal claims to
anything pertaining to Richard.  If that is the case, I suppose I
shall have to endeavor to find Richard who is G*****'s
father.  That is unless you have lawfully and legally changed your name?
I'll entertain your lies for a moment... if the American and Canadian
governments wouldn't allow you to use the name Richard any longer,
please provide proof of name change and/or identity (ex: birth
certificate).  Governments are big on process and documentation, so you
must have something.

On Thursday, April 9, 2015, Patrick  wrote:

> Hello, Desiree.
> I am thinking, perhaps, you don't understand what the word "alias" means.
> Being that there is no one at my address with the name "Richard S.",
> and being that "Patrick" is my name, not an alias, the only legal
> course of action in this case would be for me to return the package to the
> sender. It is, after all, illegal to open or intercept another person's
> mail. So, I have returned the package, unopened, to the sender (you).
> Cheers,
> Patrick