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Request for confirmation of understanding
From: Patrick <>
To: Desiree Capuano <>
Date: Mon, Mar 16 2015 2:38:54 pm
Hello, Desiree.

Let me confirm that I am understanding your thought process and 
reasoning correctly.

So, it it your belief:
- that my real and legal name is Richard;
- that I assumed the name Patrick and the identity of same;
- that I either obtained a full set of government issued identification 
in the name Patrick fraudulently, or I forged a full set of 
identification in the name Patrick;
- that, even though there is no record of a person named Patrick, 
born November 24, 1973 in Canada until a year and a half ago, I have 
been able, with that name and identity, to pass the stringent background 
check and obtain a PAL, not only for rifles, but also for handguns, AND 
to obtain an Authorization to Transport (which permits me to carry those 
handguns out in public);
- that with an assumed identity I have been able to incorporate a 
business in the province of BC;
- that the identity I've assumed is a US citizen (not a Canadian 
citizen) and am, therefore, living in Canada under the assumed identity 
of an illegal alien?

Is that accurate so far?  And so, you believe that I did all this, and I 
tricked both the US and the Canadian governments into believing I'm this 
whole other person - such that they issued me a driver's license; 
firearms lisence; they allow me to cross into and out of the two 
countries without hassle; in this day and age with electronic 
fingerprint scanners connected, globally, to huge databases, where a 
person's identity can be verified in a matter of seconds?

Yet you claim to refuse to believe that I could have assumed the name 
and identity of Richard before you and I met?  Back when there was 
no Internet and no electronic fingerprint scanners and facial 
regocgnition systems and GPS?  Back when obtaining a birth certificate 
was just a matter of filling out the application and paying the fee?

Really?  That's your position?  I refuse to believe a person (you) can 
be that obtuse.  Can you not see how ridiculous that makes you look?

In typical fashion, I don't expect you to reply to this because I don't 
imagine there is any sensible response that you can make other than 
admitting that you're either an idiot, or that your don't really believe 
a word of what you say and you're just too humiliated about being wrong 
so frequently and about being such a retard that you actually married 
and had a child with someone who you didn't even know their name.