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Spring break plans
From: Patrick <>
To: Desiree Capuano <>
Date: Mon, Mar 09 2015 7:45:53 am
So that's the big secret that you refused to disclose: you wanted to 
take him to Alabama and Florida to meet more of your redneck, white 
trash family?  It really is always all about you, huh?  You make plans 
for all of you for the spring break so that he must do what YOU want 
without any consideration for whether he has any interest in meeting 
your extended family rather than visiting with me - which is clearly 
what he wanted to do.  But why would you think that a 14 year old, that 
was never part of your family, and that was raised to understand that 
biological family is meaningless, would have the slightest interest in 
meeting a bunch of people that have never had anything to do with him?  
Or do you even consider such things?  I don't believe you do.  He's just 
a prize for you to parade around, isn't he?

Oh well, I suppose these experiences will also benefit him - it's 
important to be able to identify the people to avoid and to have a point 
of reference to be able to say "See those people?  We're better than 
that."  Enjoy your trip - maybe you can take him to a barbeque, or a 
monster truck show?