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Re: Service of process
From: Patrick <>
To: Desiree Capuano <>
Date: Tue, Feb 24 2015 11:24:32 am
Um...I didn't DO anything, the Sheriff did.  And you're welcome.

On 2015-02-24 11:23 AM, Desiree Capuano wrote:
> Exactly what I wanted you to do.  You're such an idiot.  Thank you 
> very much!!
> On Tuesday, February 24, 2015, Patrick  > wrote:
>     Good morning, Desiree.
>     The BC Sheriff just stopped by to serve your papers, but
>     unfortunately, when I showed him my ID, which says Patrick, he
>     pointed out that the service request was for Richard, aka
>     Patrick.  Unfortunately, had it been the other way: Patrick,
>     aka Richard, he would have been able to serve me.  Sorry.
>     Cheers,
>     Patrick