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Re: Your belief in my motives
From: Desiree Capuano <>
To: Patrick <>
Date: Sun, Feb 08 2015 10:50:08 am

As always, every email you have sent is utterly wrong, and childish.  Don't
you have a life?  Better things to do?  In your mind are you Pinky or The
Brain?  I will assume Pinky given the evident insanity and lack of

Your capacity for lies and cruelty really is astonishing.  Especially where
G***** is concerned.  I honestly think G***** has better things to do
with his life than read you venomous classless and baseless tantrums.  Grow
up... Seriously.

I will consistently remove G***** from these e-mail threads moving forward
as this(your obsession with me and deep psychosis) is not his burden to

P.s. U MAD BRO?!  Hahaha

~ Desiree

On Saturday, February 7, 2015, Patrick  wrote:

> Desiree:
> Let's take a moment and address the comments you've made, on numerous
> occaisions, that you believe I am obsessed with you and that such obsession
> stems from a sense of being emotionally hurt by you.
> You do understand that people are, in general, attracted to things which
> are familiar to them, right?  And when I was 26 you subconsciously reminded
> me of my mother (she too was extremely trashy), and more generally, aspects
> of my trashy childhood.  And although I despised my mother and my
> childhood, consciously, there was still that subconscious familiarity from
> you.  THAT was the attraction, at that time.  Gradually, though, over the
> year and a half we were together, I realized how disgusting and deplorable
> trashy people and trashy behavior are, and that I was better than that and
> wanted nothing further to do with it.  So, I decided we should move back to
> LA (knowing you didn't like it there) because that would surely move us
> apart.  Sure, I've since continued to pick up and have flings with nasty,
> trashy women I've met in bars (we met in a bar, remember?), but that's all
> trashy women are intended for - a one night stand, or maybe hanging out
> with and banging for a few days...but then, it's time to get back to being
> respectable.  Come on, let's be realistic, I could never bring someone like
> you around my real friends and associates - I mean: visible tattoos;
> community college then University of Phoenix; a fiancé who was a meth head
> and is now serving 7 years in prison for trashy crimes.  You're a walking
> cliche of white trashness.
> And, do you seriously see nothing wrong with what you've done?
> Specifically, with the whole calling ICE to have me detained and
> subsequently deported, just so you could get custody of G***** by
> default?  Really?  In your mind that's a perfectly reasonable and sensible
> thing to do?  And, when scheming that, did you really think that there
> would be no retaliation?  Surely you don't REALLY believe that my motives
> are based on a juvenile enfatuation, right?  You do understand that I find
> you repulsive because you're trashy and simple minded, right?  So, how then
> can you possibly believe that my current animosity has anything to do with
> a desire to have an emotional bond with you?
> Let me be perfectly clear (again): My motives are based 100% on
> reciprocity for your actions and how they have adversely affected G*****
> and myself.  To think anything other is just plain naivity. But I'm sure
> you already know that.  I'm sure your statements, claiming to believe I
> desire to be in a relationship with you, is just your way of conceding that
> you have no good rebutal.  The fact that your actions have backfired on you
> and that things are going exceptionally well for me now do not dimish the
> unscrupulousness of you and your actions.
> By the way, I was right that around November you started having second
> thoughts about G***** living with you, wasn't I?  Good thing I was able to
> get you all worked up and spiteful so that you didn't discard him yet.
> Gotta keep you hanging in there as long as possible.
> Cheers,
> Patrick