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Re: Your belief in my motives
From: Patrick <>
To: Desiree Capuano <>
Date: Sun, Feb 08 2015 10:08:38 am

As always, you're making claims against me but providing no explanation 
of what those claims are based on.  Therefore, they are meaningless.  
Which statements I made are wrong?  And how so?  Which statements are 
lies?  Which are cruel (considering that a statement which is merely 
true is not cruel - it's just the truth)?

To address your inquiries about whether I have a life, or anything 
better to do: No, I don't.  I've already disclosed that the singular 
focus of the rest of my life is doing everything I can (within the law) 
to make yours as miserable as possible.  Everything else is secondary.

Do you not believe that the gloves came off (so to say) when you filed 
your reports with ICE?  Isn't everything fair game after that?  Prior to 
that all of my claims against you were limited to matters which were 
legitimate concerns for G*****'s welfare while in your care (drug use, 
Kristopher, criminal activities, et ceters).  Are you not the one that 
escalated things by filing an unfounded report with ICE, without regard 
for how it might also harm other, uninvolved parties?  This is so like 
you to escalate matters, then when you're in over your head you cry that 
the other party is being too harsh.

The reason I include G***** in these emails is so that he can learn, 
through observation, the behavioral patterns to watch for to make sure 
he does not get snared, and his life ruined, by a white trash loser who 
claims she does not want children, then gets pregnant and does a 180 on 
him.  My purpose as his parent is to teach him, guide him, and prepare 
him for life as an adult, and to help him not make the same mistakes 
I've made.  Only a complete moron would have children before they have 
established their career and achieved their goals.  You are the perfect 
example of the kind of person we need to teach G***** to avoid.  Do you 
disagree?  Do you think that G***** should get a chick pregnant at the 
age of 19 then throw his life away on that?

Why do you still call me Richard?  When the BC Sheriff tried to serve 
documents a couple of weeks ago, I showed my ID and they even called the 
building manager to confirm whether there is a Richard living at 
my address.  Your insistence on calling me by a name which is not mine, 
but which you wish WAS mine, only solidifies the claim that you are 
delusional.  Calling me Richard will not make me become Richard.


On 2015-02-08 9:50 AM, Desiree Capuano wrote:
> Richard,
> As always, every email you have sent is utterly wrong, and childish.  
> Don't you have a life?  Better things to do?  In your mind are you 
> Pinky or The Brain?  I will assume Pinky given the evident insanity 
> and lack of intellect.
> Your capacity for lies and cruelty really is astonishing. Especially 
> where G***** is concerned.  I honestly think G***** has better 
> things to do with his life than read you venomous classless and 
> baseless tantrums.  Grow up... Seriously.
> I will consistently remove G***** from these e-mail threads moving 
> forward as this(your obsession with me and deep psychosis) is not his 
> burden to bare.
> P.s. U MAD BRO?!  Hahaha
> ~ Desiree
> On Saturday, February 7, 2015, Patrick  > wrote:
>     Desiree:
>     Let's take a moment and address the comments you've made, on
>     numerous occaisions, that you believe I am obsessed with you and
>     that such obsession stems from a sense of being emotionally hurt
>     by you.
>     You do understand that people are, in general, attracted to things
>     which are familiar to them, right?  And when I was 26 you
>     subconsciously reminded me of my mother (she too was extremely
>     trashy), and more generally, aspects of my trashy childhood.  And
>     although I despised my mother and my childhood, consciously, there
>     was still that subconscious familiarity from you.  THAT was the
>     attraction, at that time. Gradually, though, over the year and a
>     half we were together, I realized how disgusting and deplorable
>     trashy people and trashy behavior are, and that I was better than
>     that and wanted nothing further to do with it.  So, I decided we
>     should move back to LA (knowing you didn't like it there) because
>     that would surely move us apart.  Sure, I've since continued to
>     pick up and have flings with nasty, trashy women I've met in bars
>     (we met in a bar, remember?), but that's all trashy women are
>     intended for - a one night stand, or maybe hanging out with and
>     banging for a few days...but then, it's time to get back to being
>     respectable.  Come on, let's be realistic, I could never bring
>     someone like you around my real friends and associates - I mean:
>     visible tattoos; community college then University of Phoenix; a
>     fiancé who was a meth head and is now serving 7 years in prison
>     for trashy crimes.  You're a walking cliche of white trashness.
>     And, do you seriously see nothing wrong with what you've done?
>     Specifically, with the whole calling ICE to have me detained and
>     subsequently deported, just so you could get custody of G***** by
>     default?  Really?  In your mind that's a perfectly reasonable and
>     sensible thing to do?  And, when scheming that, did you really
>     think that there would be no retaliation? Surely you don't REALLY
>     believe that my motives are based on a juvenile enfatuation,
>     right?  You do understand that I find you repulsive because you're
>     trashy and simple minded, right? So, how then can you possibly
>     believe that my current animosity has anything to do with a desire
>     to have an emotional bond with you?
>     Let me be perfectly clear (again): My motives are based 100% on
>     reciprocity for your actions and how they have adversely affected
>     G***** and myself.  To think anything other is just plain
>     naivity. But I'm sure you already know that.  I'm sure your
>     statements, claiming to believe I desire to be in a relationship
>     with you, is just your way of conceding that you have no good
>     rebutal.  The fact that your actions have backfired on you and
>     that things are going exceptionally well for me now do not dimish
>     the unscrupulousness of you and your actions.
>     By the way, I was right that around November you started having
>     second thoughts about G***** living with you, wasn't I?  Good
>     thing I was able to get you all worked up and spiteful so that you
>     didn't discard him yet.  Gotta keep you hanging in there as long
>     as possible.
>     Cheers,
>     Patrick