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Service of Process
From: Patrick <>
To: Desiree Capuano <>
Date: Thu, Feb 05 2015 7:11:28 pm

I suspect that the reason you keep trying to serve me the family court 
documents under the name Richard is because your intention is to 
return to the court and claim that you've been unable to complete 
service and request to proceed without it. Although, that probably won't 
work because there are emails proving that I've informed you of my legal 
name and that you continued to try to provide service under a name that 
doesn't legally exist.

Even if the court DID allow you to proceed without service, or with 
alternative service, that would provide grounds for an appeal and upon 
the court entering an order in your favor I would file a notice of 
appeal which would stay the order pending the outcome of the appeal.  
The appeal would HAVE to be granted as a matter of law, and then the 
process would start over after it's remanded.