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Re: G*****'s Spring Break
From: Patrick <>
To: Desiree Capuano <>
Date: Wed, Jan 28 2015 7:59:26 pm

Sorry, I forgot that you're usually a little slow on matters of 
strategy.  I'll explain:  G*****'s visits with me are for his benefit, 
not mine.  Therefore, if I ask for your consent for G***** to visit at 
any time, I am asking for G*****, not me.  Since I am not the 
beneficiary of your consent then it should make no difference how I 
phrase the request.  If you take offense to the way a person asks for 
something for themselves, then of course, you are right to refuse.  
However, since I am asking for G***** - not myself, your refusal based 
on how I presented the request means that you are refusing G***** 
because you are upset with me.

Understand now?  In other words, you would take it out on G***** 
because you don't like the way I asked.  Have you ever actually done 
ANYTHING right?  No, really, I'm serious.


On 01/28/2015 10:22 AM, Patrick wrote:
> Desiree:
> For the record, I phrased it as a "demand" (to use your words) 
> deliberately, because I knew that would significantly increase the 
> probability that you would say no.  You're just so easy sometimes.
> Patrick
> On 2015-01-28 6:41 AM, Desiree Capuano wrote:
>> Richard,
>> The answer to your demand (that was not a request) is no. Let me 
>> repeat that since you never get it the first time.  No, G***** may 
>> NOT visit during his Spring Break as plans have already been made.
>> Reasonable visitation does not mean that I am required to jump 
>> whenever you snap your fingers or send G***** at every one of his 
>> vacations.  It is SUPPOSED to be a negotiation. We already have 
>> family plans over Spring Break and G***** already knows this or should.
>> My behavior now is absolutely no different than before you declared 
>> in open court that you wished to relinquish all parental rights to 
>> G*****.  Another unfounded baseless accusation.  Good job.
>> ~ Desiree
>> On Tuesday, January 27, 2015, Patrick > > wrote:
>>     Desiree:
>>     G***** told me tonight that he would like to come to Vancouver,
>>     to visit with me during his Spring Break, which runs from March
>>     7, 2015 through March 15, 2015, but that he didn't think you'd
>>     agree to it.
>>     I'm done with showing him what you're like when there's no court
>>     orders in place so we will be returning to court shortly.  In the
>>     meantime may you provide your written consent for G***** to
>>     spend his Spring Break with me in Vancouver?  If you decline, I
>>     will have my attorney schedule a hearing for the matter and we
>>     both know the court is going to order you to allow him to visit,
>>     being that he hasn't seen me since the beginning of January.
>>     If I don't receive your written response by January 31, 2015 then
>>     I'll assume you refuse consent.
>>     Sincerely,
>>     Patrick