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Another backfired plan?
From: Patrick <>
To: Desiree Capuano <>
Date: Wed, Jan 28 2015 7:42:03 am

Here's what I don't understand: Why would you be so adamant about 
keeping somebody with you who so obviously does not want to be with 
you?  You can't say it's because your his parent and you want to be a 
good parent and raise him properly, because you basically just provide 
him room and board.  You don't fulfill ANY of your parental duties - you 
don't provide him guidance or psychological support; you don't provide 
him life teachings; you don't provide him the benefit of your own life 
experiences so that he won't make the same mistakes you have.  He learns 
more about life and about how to handle things in the 1 and 2 week 
visits with me than in the 2 years he's been with you.  You don't 
provide him with adequate medical and dental care - even though it 
doesn't cost you anything.  So, no, you can't use that as your basis.

The only reason remaining is that you want him there, with you, because 
you are trying to use that as a way to adversely affect me. But that's 
kind of silly (on your part) since I don't believe in, and therefore 
don't experience, emotions.  I cannot be adversely affected by such 
actions.  My interest in parenting is a matter of duty and moral 
obligation - not a misguided sense of emotion.  And by forcing him to 
stay with you you are absolving me of that obligation; freeing me to 
pursue my own endeavours.  But then, I guess you should be used to your 
plans backfiring on you by now, huh?