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Re: Your talk with G*****
From: Desiree Capuano <>
To: Patrick <>
Date: Tue, Jan 27 2015 6:45:25 pm

I can clearly see that maturity is your strong suit.  Did you actually have
something of merit to discuss, or is this another one of your wailing
tantrums you have while you go through some form of narcotic/opiate

Honestly if I gave any merit to any of your "proposals" or suggestions
regarding myself or G*****, I'd immediately have my head examined.

I actually never said that... Maybe you should work on reading
comprehension.  What I SAID was that at 14, the courts were set to allow
G***** to choose.  Again, for the record since, YOU robbed G***** of that
right to choose by relinquishing all of your parental rights in open court
a mere MONTH before his birthday.  All for what? To pursue some selfish
vendetta against me?  Or is the truth that you don't actually want G*****,
and merely see him as a tool and weapon to try and manipulate against me?
Admit it Richard... The thought of having to be an actual parent terrified
you.  If his eye was such a concern, why did you not take him to see a
doctor while you had him, you noticed it first.  Sad.  Very sad.

As for the rest of your delusional rantings, it is clear you have some
severe mommy issues, transference issues, and a sick fixation on me.  It's
obvious you missed me, but it isn't flattering, just very sad.  You should
move on with your life, find something that makes you happy, and be a
better person.  It isn't healthy to be so filled with hate (and from the
tone of this email alcohol and drugs) all of the time.


On Monday, January 26, 2015, Patrick  wrote:

>  Desiree:
> I was wondering if you ever got around to having that talk with G***** -
> you know, the one where you tell him you respect what he wants and you
> believe he's intelligent and mature and able to decide for himself where he
> wants to live and who he wants to be raised by?  The talk which I proposed
> and clearly stated that I know you would never do because you know he's
> going to say he wants to live with me?
> Because, you see, in your emails to me you say G***** is very intelligent
> and now that he's over 14 you believe he's old enough to make that
> desicion.  That *is* what you said.  So, why is it that you say such
> things but when it comes down to actually giving him the choice, you
> refuse?  Oh, right, because that would shatter the fantasy you're living in.
> Well, anyway, since you're not going to actually let him choose; and since
> I've already accomplished what I set out to with respect to removing the
> court from our situation, I guess I shall proceed with re-calendaring our
> case so that you won't "have to" give him the choice.  Originally, I
> intended to have him stay with you until he's 16 but it's obvious he's not
> going to make it that long.
> By the by, about your medical records: I got them from Pen Mar
> (unofficially, of course).  That's when you were diagnosed as bipolar.
> And, since there is no cure for it and it never goes away, if you were
> bipolar *then* then you're bipolar now.
> And, how is it that you've STILL not inspected G*****'s eye and brought
> him to the opthamolgist?  It's been 2 weeks since I ridiculed you for being
> so indifferent toward him that you hadn't even noticed it and now you STILL
> have not!  How do you live with yourself, being so full of shit that you
> claim to love and care about your children and that you're a good parent?
> Dude!  You're one of the WORST fucking parents I've ever known!  Even MY
> crappy mother, at least eventually, would have taken me to the doctor.
> Dang, woman, you're a fucking sad excuse for a human being.  Anyway, it's
> about time I update your web site and put it back on line.
> Cheers, Biatch!
> Patrick