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Re: A little test
From: Patrick <>
To: Desiree Capuano <>
Date: Fri, Jan 16 2015 9:44:45 am

You seem to have difficulty understanding legal definitions so here are 
some pages that explain the age issue in plain, simple verbiage:

Now please stop listening to whoever is giving you such obviously 
incorrect information and try to think for yourself for a change. Or has 
the years of pot smoking dulled your brain so much you're no longer 
capable of independent thought?


On 2015-01-16 7:42 AM, Desiree Capuano wrote:
> Janet,
> I don't even have words for how stupid your tantrum sounds. You are 
> the one who robbed G***** of his right to choose by relinquishing all 
> parental rights just before he turned 14.  If you will recall, 14 is 
> the legal age that a child can choose for themselves in California.  
> You took that away from G***** to pursue some sort of jeuvenile 
> crusade to "destroy me".  That one is on you, you can't put it back on 
> me at this point. Way to put the thoughts and desires of G***** ahead 
> of your own pettiness.  Good job.
> Getting back to this false and delusional accusation of a 'disorder' 
> that I don't have... These sorts of blind accusations stated as fact 
> are the same reason I usually don't respond to your melodramatic 
> stupidity.  Since you are so keen on it, where is YOUR evidence?
> Seriously ... You need to grow up and stop filling every waking hour 
> thinking about me. Creeper.
> ~Desiree
> On Thursday, January 15, 2015, Patrick  > wrote:
>     Hello, Desiree!
>     Here's a little test for you to find out how much you believe of
>     the bullshit that comes out of your mouth.  If you really believe
>     that you love G***** and he loves you; and that you're a good
>     parent; then do this - sit G***** down and tell him that you
>     respect his views and his desires and that you know he's
>     intelligent and mature and that you believe he's capable of
>     deciding for himself who he wants to live with and who he wants to
>     raise him, to teach him, to guide him and prepare him for life. 
>     Tell him that you'll respect his decision and you'll support it
>     completely.
>     Then, when he makes his decision, actually keep your word and
>     respect and support it.
>     But we all, including you, know you'll never do that because you
>     have ostrich syndrome.
>     By the way, I know about your manic-depressive disorder.  I'm not
>     saying that as a vailed threat.  Just mentioning, so you don't
>     have to keep thinking that you have to try to conceal it.
>     Patrick