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Re: A little test
From: Patrick <>
To: Desiree Capuano <>
Date: Fri, Jan 16 2015 9:35:51 am

This is a prime example of why I say you are delusional and stupid. 
There is absolutely no statute in the California Family Code which 
requires the court to even listen to any minor child.  The age of 14 
means nothing.  We've already covered this yet you insist on ignoring 
the reality and clinging to your ridiculously misguided claim that I 
somehow "robbed" G***** of the "right" to choose. That is 100% 
delusional behavior.  Moreover, G***** DID speak to the court and DID 
state his desire to return to live with me.  The court chose to ignore 
that.  If you think that waiting a few more months until he turned 14 
would have some magical difference then you're more of an idiot than I 
previously believed.

Furthermore, waiving my rights does not "rob" G***** of anything. What 
it does is it puts the authority in your hands, rather than the 
court's.  Whereas before it was up to the court where G***** would 
live.  Now it is entirely up to you.  Whether G***** lives with me or 
you is 100% your decision.  So, if ANYONE is "robbing" G***** of the 
freedom to choose where to live it can only be YOU.  Since you have full 
legal and physical custody there is no way you can blame it on anyone 
but yourself.  See what I did there?  I deliberately created a situation 
where you are unable to put the blame on anyone else; and where G***** 
can see, first hand, what a hideous person you really are.

The reason you're including G***** in these emails is because you're 
trying to convince him of that argument.  However, we've already 
discussed it.  He's seen the law on the matter and he knows that there 
is no such law.  Therefore, he knows your argument is completely unfounded.

About your disorders: Dude, don't be so naive.  I have your medical 
records.  This is America!  For the right price and with a decent 
investigator, you can get any information...including confidential 
medical records.  They will be posted on your web site once you're in a 
position that doing so will adversely affect you.  As I've said: right 
now you don't have enough to lose or far enough to fall.


On 2015-01-16 7:42 AM, Desiree Capuano wrote:
> Janet,
> I don't even have words for how stupid your tantrum sounds. You are 
> the one who robbed G***** of his right to choose by relinquishing all 
> parental rights just before he turned 14.  If you will recall, 14 is 
> the legal age that a child can choose for themselves in California.  
> You took that away from G***** to pursue some sort of jeuvenile 
> crusade to "destroy me".  That one is on you, you can't put it back on 
> me at this point. Way to put the thoughts and desires of G***** ahead 
> of your own pettiness.  Good job.
> Getting back to this false and delusional accusation of a 'disorder' 
> that I don't have... These sorts of blind accusations stated as fact 
> are the same reason I usually don't respond to your melodramatic 
> stupidity.  Since you are so keen on it, where is YOUR evidence?
> Seriously ... You need to grow up and stop filling every waking hour 
> thinking about me. Creeper.
> ~Desiree
> On Thursday, January 15, 2015, Patrick  > wrote:
>     Hello, Desiree!
>     Here's a little test for you to find out how much you believe of
>     the bullshit that comes out of your mouth.  If you really believe
>     that you love G***** and he loves you; and that you're a good
>     parent; then do this - sit G***** down and tell him that you
>     respect his views and his desires and that you know he's
>     intelligent and mature and that you believe he's capable of
>     deciding for himself who he wants to live with and who he wants to
>     raise him, to teach him, to guide him and prepare him for life. 
>     Tell him that you'll respect his decision and you'll support it
>     completely.
>     Then, when he makes his decision, actually keep your word and
>     respect and support it.
>     But we all, including you, know you'll never do that because you
>     have ostrich syndrome.
>     By the way, I know about your manic-depressive disorder.  I'm not
>     saying that as a vailed threat.  Just mentioning, so you don't
>     have to keep thinking that you have to try to conceal it.
>     Patrick