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Re: Your loving home and parental teaching and guidance
From: Patrick <>
To: Desiree Capuano <>
Date: Sun, Jan 11 2015 9:11:52 pm

You know, for someone (you) who pretends to be so confident in their 
psychological stability you sure are resistant to the idea of speaking 
with a psychologist at my expense.  Why would that be, I wonder?


On 01/11/2015 12:54 PM, Desiree Capuano wrote:
> Ricky / Richard / Morgan / Parick / Patricia / Susan / whatever your 
> chosen alias is today,
> Are you bored or something?  Your stalker-like obsession with me is 
> truly impressive.  The amount of time and energy spent thinking of me 
> is flattering, but honestly a little pathetic.  For someone who so 
> strongly espouses logic and intelligence, I would think that you could 
> have grasped that I am not interested in you.  Especially since I have 
> directly told you that I am not interested in you.  I realize that I 
> am really amazing, but please expend some of that energy towards 
> finding a man / woman / inanimate object that is capable of coping 
> with your delusional nature, and providing some small measure of 
> happiness.  Everyone has a right to the pursuit of happiness. Though 
> that is a founding principal of America, so I understand it being 
> foreign to a Canadian citizen like yourself.
> Your obsessive pursuit of my attention seems to only pale in 
> comparison to your capacity for delusional transference, and cruelty 
> towards G*****.
> It is unfortunate that you chose to rob G***** of his right and 
> opportunity to choose for himself which parent to live with. You 
> relinquished all rights a mere 2 months from his 14th birthday where 
> he would have been able to declare his choice in front of everyone in 
> open court.  It doesn't surprise me given your repeated 
> underestimation of his intelligence and potential; simply seeing him 
> as a pawn and tool to use in your obsessive quest to win me back. 
> ("destroy me" ... Whatever you want to call it.)
> I love G***** regardless of what decision he should ultimately make. 
> I know he is capable of so much, and will support him down whatever 
> path he should ultimately choose in whatever capacity I am able. I may 
> be hard on G***** sometimes, but being a real parent means looking 
> out for the physical, mental, and emotional well being of your child 
> even when it isn't easy or popular.
> I can only hope that one day you decide to strive to be a better 
> person, and better parent.  If not for yourself, for G*****'s sake.  
> He is the one being hurt by your actions, scheming, and manipulation.
> ~ Desiree (Not meant as a term of endearment, please do not mistakenly 
> take it that way.)
> On Sunday, January 11, 2015, Patrick  > wrote:
>     Desiree:
>     Allow me to also point out: Having previously waived, in court,
>     *all* of my parental rights, you now have the full legal right and
>     authority to:
>     - refuse to allow G***** to visit me;
>     - take away the phone and every other thing I have provided him,
>     including the debit and credit cards (although you do not have the
>     legal right to withhold them - you must return them to me);
>     - cut off all contact and communication between G***** and me.
>     Doing so would definitely prevent me from being able to have any
>     influence on his perceptions, values, beliefs, et cetera and,
>     thereby prevent me from being able to have any influence on your
>     home environment and the relationship between you and him. 
>     However, doing so would also make him hate you that much more and
>     ensure that he leaves your home at the first opportunity and never
>     has anything to do with you for the rest of your life.
>     So, you see, again, we've created a situation where you have two
>     mutually exclusive options but neither of them do ends favorably
>     for you.  That is strategy, and the benefit of long term planning,
>     and the benefit of foresight.  Remember also, that all of this was
>     initiated by, and is the result of your own actions.  I am where I
>     am because of your direct and explicit actions; G***** now has
>     Canadian citizenship and cannot be deported from Canada and
>     receives all of the benefits and protections of being a Canadian
>     citizen the moment his foot touches Canadian soil - all because of
>     your actions calling ICE.  And you can say that I've been
>     manipulating G***** but that's exactly what you have done
>     countless times with almost everybody you've ever met (that's why
>     people always take your side when they hear your side of the story
>     but then abandon you when they discover the full story).
>     I'd also like to point out that, as always, I've been very careful
>     to make sure everything I do is within the law.
>     I've discussed all of this with G***** and I've explained to him
>     what my plan is with respect to you.  I've told him if he's
>     uncomfortable with any of it then I won't proceed.  He is fully
>     aware that he is being used as a pawn in my plan to ruin your life
>     and he seems to be okay with it.
>     All the best,
>     Patrick
>     On 2015-01-11 9:04 AM, Patrick wrote:
>>     Good morning, Desiree.
>>     I'd like to inquire how things have been going with all the
>>     wonderful stuff that you are able to teach and expose G***** to
>>     which I, according to you, could not do.  In particular, how has
>>     that emphasis on "family" been working out?  Have you been able
>>     to instill in him the importance of "family" and how good it is
>>     to have "family"?  Would you say he's "bonded" with your family? 
>>     And knowing your family - is it your belief that that has
>>     improved him in some way? These are loaded and/or sarcastic
>>     questions.  I already know the answers to them (otherwise I
>>     woudln't be asking), and I wouldn't expect you to answer them,
>>     not honestly anyway - given your aversion to reality and honesty.
>>     From what's been reported to me and from my own observations, so
>>     far all you've taught G***** is poor table manners and how to
>>     mimic the people around you rather than having your own opinion. 
>>     An important skill, I suppose, if you live in an environment
>>     where people get angry with you for being different.  Say, for
>>     example, your home.
>>     Are you still trying to convince yourself that you have the
>>     perfect little family?  Are you beginning to realize, yet, that
>>     G*****'s presence there is slowly eroding the happy, fair tale
>>     home that you're trying to hold on to?
>>     I know that by saying this you will react to spite me - it's what
>>     you people do.  Am I saying it deliberately, for that purpose? 
>>     Is it that I know that you're getting fed up with how he's
>>     ruining your fair tale and you've been having thoughts of sending
>>     him away before he starts to taint Sage as well - and by stating
>>     these truths to you I will provoke you to hang in there a little
>>     longer, so you can show me how wrong I am?  Probably.  The longer
>>     G***** is there, with his "bad attitude", his indifference
>>     toward you and Sage and your family, and his subtle demeanor of
>>     disgust and condescencion toward you and Sage and your mother,
>>     and your trashy ways, the more it will instill into Sage's
>>     subconscious that he is inferior and inadequate.  The more it
>>     will slowly eat away at your perfect family.
>>     Sucks!  Now, on the one hand, you are pulled by your upbringing
>>     and years of conditioning, to react in the only way you know:
>>     with anger and spite, to want to keep G***** there because you
>>     believe that will adversely affect me; while on the other hand,
>>     you know I'm right and that I've been manipulating the situation
>>     for two years, and that as long as G***** is in your home you
>>     will never be happy because you will never have your fairy tale.
>>     So, you'll show this email to your mother and ask her what you
>>     should do.  She's going to say I'm just trying to get under your
>>     skin and the best thing is to not respond at all.  She'll say
>>     that if you don't respond then I'll think you're unaffected and
>>     that will piss me off.  She'll say this because she's just like
>>     you - after all, where did you learn your behavior from, right? 
>>     And just like you she has the same emotional, irrational beliefs
>>     that a child inherently and unconditionally loves his mother.
>>     But!!!  I am relying on your mother providing you such advice. 
>>     And on you pretending you don't care and that you're unaffected. 
>>     I require you to insist on keeping G***** with you longer - the
>>     longer he's with you the more of an effect he'll have on Sage and
>>     the more subconscious hostility will seep into your home.
>>     In the end you'll take your mother's advice and not respond to
>>     this, you'll convince yourself (with your mother's help) that
>>     everything is fine in your home and that I'm the one trying to
>>     cause problems for you.  Or am I saying that because I believe
>>     you'll do the opposite of what I state you'll do - just to spite me?
>>     Let me ask you this in closing: Has the amount of "love" in your
>>     home increased or decreased over the past year?  It's rhetorical
>>     - I know the answer.
>>     Patrick