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Your loving home and parental teaching and guidance
From: Patrick <>
To: Desiree Capuano <>
Date: Sun, Jan 11 2015 9:04:42 am
Good morning, Desiree.

I'd like to inquire how things have been going with all the wonderful 
stuff that you are able to teach and expose G***** to which I, 
according to you, could not do.  In particular, how has that emphasis on 
"family" been working out?  Have you been able to instill in him the 
importance of "family" and how good it is to have "family"?  Would you 
say he's "bonded" with your family?  And knowing your family - is it 
your belief that that has improved him in some way?  These are loaded 
and/or sarcastic questions.  I already know the answers to them 
(otherwise I woudln't be asking), and I wouldn't expect you to answer 
them, not honestly anyway - given your aversion to reality and honesty.

 From what's been reported to me and from my own observations, so far 
all you've taught G***** is poor table manners and how to mimic the 
people around you rather than having your own opinion.  An important 
skill, I suppose, if you live in an environment where people get angry 
with you for being different.  Say, for example, your home.

Are you still trying to convince yourself that you have the perfect 
little family?  Are you beginning to realize, yet, that G*****'s 
presence there is slowly eroding the happy, fair tale home that you're 
trying to hold on to?

I know that by saying this you will react to spite me - it's what you 
people do.  Am I saying it deliberately, for that purpose?  Is it that I 
know that you're getting fed up with how he's ruining your fair tale and 
you've been having thoughts of sending him away before he starts to 
taint Sage as well - and by stating these truths to you I will provoke 
you to hang in there a little longer, so you can show me how wrong I 
am?  Probably.  The longer G***** is there, with his "bad attitude", 
his indifference toward you and Sage and your family, and his subtle 
demeanor of disgust and condescencion toward you and Sage and your 
mother, and your trashy ways, the more it will instill into Sage's 
subconscious that he is inferior and inadequate.  The more it will 
slowly eat away at your perfect family.

Sucks!  Now, on the one hand, you are pulled by your upbringing and 
years of conditioning, to react in the only way you know: with anger and 
spite, to want to keep G***** there because you believe that will 
adversely affect me; while on the other hand, you know I'm right and 
that I've been manipulating the situation for two years, and that as 
long as G***** is in your home you will never be happy because you will 
never have your fairy tale.

So, you'll show this email to your mother and ask her what you should 
do.  She's going to say I'm just trying to get under your skin and the 
best thing is to not respond at all.  She'll say that if you don't 
respond then I'll think you're unaffected and that will piss me off.  
She'll say this because she's just like you - after all, where did you 
learn your behavior from, right?  And just like you she has the same 
emotional, irrational beliefs that a child inherently and 
unconditionally loves his mother.

But!!!  I am relying on your mother providing you such advice.  And on 
you pretending you don't care and that you're unaffected.  I require you 
to insist on keeping G***** with you longer - the longer he's with you 
the more of an effect he'll have on Sage and the more subconscious 
hostility will seep into your home.

In the end you'll take your mother's advice and not respond to this, 
you'll convince yourself (with your mother's help) that everything is 
fine in your home and that I'm the one trying to cause problems for 
you.  Or am I saying that because I believe you'll do the opposite of 
what I state you'll do - just to spite me?

Let me ask you this in closing: Has the amount of "love" in your home 
increased or decreased over the past year?  It's rhetorical - I know the