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Re: G*****'s gifts
From: Patrick <>
To: Desiree Capuano <>
Date: Mon, Dec 22 2014 4:56:14 pm
But you told G***** to choose which one he wanted to keep in his room 
and he chose the Xbox One and you took the other two away from him and 
put them somewhere and he can't use them.  Therefore, he only has one.  
Why are you taking away from him the gifts that I've provided him?  Are 
you selling them to pay for meth?  Dude!  What kind of mother does that?

And how did that work out for you, taking away the consoles?  Did you 
get the intended outcome of G***** wanting to spend more time with you 
and Sage?  Are you starting to get the impression that he just isn't one 
of you?

Anyway, it's not how many consoles someone has that matters, it's how 
many games they have.  If he has 4 consoles but only one game for each; 
or if he has one console but 25 games for it; which do you think is more 
relevant?  I think your logic is a little backward. It would make more 
sense to let him have as many consoles as he wants but limit the number 
of games he can have.  But I guess logic and reason are your strong 
points, huh?


On 12/22/2014 04:31 PM, Desiree Capuano wrote:
> G***** has 3 video game consuls in his room, that's plenty.  He had 
> 4, but he lost one of them - that's on him.  It's not about cost.  
> Shouldn't matter though, G***** has already stated that he thinks the 
> XBox is better and he has 2 of those.
> On Monday, December 22, 2014, Patrick  > wrote:
>     Desiree:
>     I heard you were planning to get Sage a Playstation 4 for
>     Christmas.  Does that mean that G***** can bring his back to
>     Phoenix?  Or does he still have to live as though he has two
>     minimum wage parents?
>     Patrick