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The ugly proof
From: Patrick <>
To: Desiree Capuano <>
Date: Wed, Dec 17 2014 10:37:38 pm

Since you always insist that I lie about EVERYTHING and you can't trust 
anything I say - I've attached a few supporting documents.  A copy of my 
BC ID, birth certificate, PAL, and just for good measure, a copy of my 
most recent paycheck.  Of course, I work corp-to-corp because being an 
employee is for losers who feel the need to "belong" and have a company 
take care of them like some paternal figure.  But you can easily verify 
on the California Secretary of State web site 
( for the California corporation; and on the 
BC Registry Services web site ( 
for the BC corporation; that I am the principal.

As you can see, believe whatever you want - but I've got documentary 
proof of MY claims and you have...well, nothing to support your claims.  
Just a lot of empty accusations.

I've been waiting for you to get off your ass and transfer the custody 
case to Arizona but clearly the marijuana has made you lethargic so I'm 
going to go ahead and file that too.  Oh, what's that, you say?  The 
judge in California said he won't allow the case to be transferred?  If 
you believe that you're more gullible than I already thought.  He 
doesn't have the authority to do that.  And you and I both know the 
Arizona court is going to let G***** decide for himself where he wants 
to live.

Let me know what your basis for refusing to believe the authenticity of 
the attached documents is.  Why don't you check with Vital Statistics in 
Florida?  I'm sure there is some way to verify it - unless, again, you 
just don't want to confirm that you're so incredibly wrong.  And 
regardless of what you believe - that birth certificate together with my 
BC ID has been sufficient every time I've crossed the border.  You only 
require the passport when flying, not driving.

I don't expect a response to this.  Typically, when you realize you're 
beat and you have once again made an ass of yourself, you usually slink 
away quietly.

Oh, one more thing, I almost forgot, that other Richard was 
arrested in Toronto in 1991 and never showed up for court.  A warrant 
was issued and he just disappeared.  That warrant is still there.  If I 
were him I would not have been able to get a PAL. Also, you cannot 
legally change your name in Canada if you have an outstanding warrant.  
If I were him I would not be able to change my name to Patrick.  
Come on, dude!  Get over it.  You got nothing!  If you don't believe me 
about the PAL, go ahead, read up on the requirements.  If you think I'm 
lying and don't really have a PAL you can check with G*****.  You need 
a PAL to get a membership at a shooting range which he can tell you I 
have (or I can scan the membership card for you).  I can also send you 
pictures of my pistols and his rifle - which I wouldn't be able to get 
without the PAL.  Face it, man: my name is Patrick and I have a 
squeaky clean background and I'm an upstanding member of society who 
makes pretty decent money, and G***** likes me more than he likes you 
(you have to hold him there by force or court order, he comes to me of 
his own free will).  You've been're a sucker...for years I 
was paying a salary in your name, through my corporations (you do 
remember Vertical Inversion Systems, right?) and not withholding taxes, 
you've got thousands in back taxes which, eventually, the IRS is going 
to go looking for.  And if they don't, they're just a phone call away.  
I'm methodical and think things through.  I look at the long term.  
Sometimes my plans take years to complete, but I always see them through.


P.S. I emphasize the PAL because it is hard to get, involves an 
extensive background check, and requires a clean record and proof of 
good moral standing and psychological stability.  If there was ANY truth 
to your claims I would never be able to get it.  Do not take any 
statements or references to firearms, above, as being in any way 
threatening.  I would never use a firearms offensively or to threaten 
someone.  They are for sport and target practice only.