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Government document bearing the name Richard
From: Patrick <>
To: Desiree Capuano <>
Date: Wed, Dec 17 2014 9:20:52 pm

Please find attached, a scanned copy of the deportation document issued 
by the Canadian Consulate, bearing the name Richard. You had 
stated on the telephone, that that would be sufficient, so I am dying to 
hear what you're next reason for refusing the visit will be.

When we return to court, after the holidays, I will petition to have 
G*****'s birth certificate updated.

I still think you should send my picture to the people you insist are my 
parents.  Of course, you MUST assume the federal prosecutor did that 
during my perjury trial right?  Do you think that might be why the US 
Attorney's Office never took their testimony?  But no, really, I insist: 
send my picture to them!  And, in response to your comments about my 
"brother" - holy fuck, you're dense sometimes. Dude, that guy was 3 
times my size and we looked nothing alike!  How the fuck could you 
believe we had ANY biological relation?  I'm saying all this with a 
smile on my face - I can't believe how thick you are sometimes.

And let me see if I understand this correctly: you think that a 14 year 
old might get separated from his parent, in one of the safest major 
cities in North America, a city with an almost non-existent crime rate, 
and that he wouldn't have enough intelligence to simply call my mobile 
phone from his mobile phone and say "hey, where are you?"  That's the 
problem with single mothers: they always want their children to stay 5 
years old.  And that's why single father make better single parents.


P.S. I Canadian Possession and Acquisition License (federal firearms 
license) is not the easiest thing to get.  There's an extensive 
background check, and they call references, and you have to register the 
firearms to your home address and notify the RCMP as soon as you move, 
and they do an automated arrest and criminal record check every 24 point is, if I was as full of shit as you claim then there's 
no way I'd be able to get and maintain the license and the RCMP would 
come and take away my pistols and I'd be all sad and shit.  Oh, what, 
now are you going to say you don't want G***** coming because I have 
guns in the home?  You already knew that - I told you months ago that I 
got him his own Mauser K98.