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G*****'s travel plans
From: Patrick <>
To: Desiree Capuano <>
Date: Sun, Dec 14 2014 8:41:31 pm

G***** mentioned earlier that you had told him to tell me that unless I 
can provide proof that I legally changed my name from Richard to 
Patrick then you would not allow him to visit me during his winter 

I remind you that the court expressly forbids using the child (G*****, 
in this case) to pass messages between the parents (us, in this case).  
I have informed G***** of such and will not accept any messages from 
him on your behalf.

I further remind you you did clearly agree to the travel arrangements 
previously committed to by me with respect to G*****'s winter break; 
moreover, you may recall me insisting on receiving a clearly written 
authorization for G*****'s visitation plans for exactly this type of 

With respect to your request for proof that I legally changed my name 
from Richard to Patrick, I cannot provide such proof because 
such name change never occurred.  The name on my birth certificate is 
Patrick and the US and Canadian governments will only issue ID in 
the name that is on one's birth certificate.  I'm sorry that you are 
only now accepting the reality that you married and had a child with 
someone who you clearly knew so little about (kinda tells you something 
about yourself, though, huh)?  I guess I'm just that good...and you're not.

You may also remember, in December 2011, I declared under oath, in open 
court, before you and the Judge, that my birth name was Patrick.  
That was 3 years ago.  But all of a sudden now it's become an issue for 
you?  So, is it an issue because you finally realize that I've been 
telling the truth the past 3 years and you look like an idiot and you're 
trying to save face?  Has there been anything that you accused me of 
that actually turned out to be right?

As for G*****'s visit: the only person who will be adversely affected 
by you not allowing him to visit according to the terms you already 
agreed to in writing, would be him (I am devoid of emotion so I would 
only be affected financially but I'm not going to lose any sleep over 
the few hundred dollars for the plane ticket).