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Re: Motion for alternative service
From: Patrick <>
To: Desiree Capuano <>
Date: Wed, Dec 10 2014 8:29:42 pm
Good evening.  I just reviewed all of the emails I have sent you in the 
past 6 months and am unable to find one wherein I stated that Richard 
never existed.  The closest I can find is a statement that Richard 
is not now, nor ever was, under the current laws of all relevant 
jurisdictions, my legal name.

Anything more is your inference.


On 12/10/2014 09:09 AM, Desiree Capuano wrote:
> Patrick,
> As you have previously stated, you are not Richard, and that 
> person does not and has never existed.  As such, I suppose this does 
> not pertain to you.
> If you could please put me in touch with Richard, I would 
> appreciate it.  I have a matter to discuss with him.
> Respectfully,
> Desiree
> On Tuesday, December 9, 2014, Patrick  > wrote:
>     Hello, Desiree!
>     I wonder if you might email me a copy of the motion for
>     alternative service you filed.  I'm curious what the reason is
>     you've provided for being unable to serve me according to the
>     Rules of Civil Procedure, seeing as how you know my home and work
>     addresses and my legal name.
>     By the way, a while ago you UPS'ed me something but I wasn't home
>     to sign for it so they left a notice that I had to pick it up, but
>     the name on it was Richard and all my ID says Patrick so
>     I wouldn't have been able to pick it up anyway.
>     Thanks,
>     Patrick