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G*****' medical requirements
From: Patrick <>
To: Desiree Capuano <>
Date: Sun, Oct 12 2014 8:35:46 am

During G*****'s visit two potential medical/dental concerns arose:

- I noticed he was exhibiting a sour, pungent odor from his breath, even 
shortly after brushing his teeth.  I insist you bring him to the dentist 
to have that checked (yes, I am "insisting", not asking).  It has been 
more than 6 months since the one and only time you took him to the 
dentist (I'm not counting the other time you took him when they only 
looked at his teeth, but did nothing), so he is due for a cleaning and 
checkup anyway.

- At some point between his previous visit and this most recent one, he 
has developed a strong foot odor.  I have provided him some spray, as a 
temporary measure, but I insist you take him to the doctor as soon as 
possible to get a proper solution before the problem escalates.