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Re: G*****'s birthday presents
From: Desiree Capuano <>
To: Patrick <>
Date: Tue, Sep 09 2014 8:33:23 am

The following items from your list will either not be permitted, and/or
carry a Caveat.  Items not listed below or omitted will be judged on a case
by case basis as they are presented.

1. Playstation 4 - this is already a known as a non-permitted item.  You
are welcome to purchase this for his use at your home so that any potential
future losses can be avoided.
4. Archery Lessons - have already been purchased for G*****, and require
coordination.  This would be redundant.
12. A home theater / surround system - as we live in an apartment this
presents a number of issues and will not be permitted in his room.
13. Airsoft Trip - this requires significant coordination. As such, you
must fully coordinate the trip to/from facility with parental
/ adult supervision for this to be permissible.  An alternate suggestion is
that you call the facility to purchase a gift card or credit so that a trip
for G***** and his friends can be "planned on the fly".

On Monday, September 8, 2014, Patrick  wrote:

> Following is a list of items I have either acquired, or intend to acquire
> for G*****'s birthday.  Please review it and inform which items, if any,
> you will not permit him to keep and/or use while in your home.
> 1. Playstation 4 (to replace the one that was stolen from his luggage on
> his previous flight)
> 2. Apple MacBook
> 3. Guitar
> 4. Archery lessons
> 5. The Last of Us (for PS4)
> 6. A bicycle (for use in Phoenix)
> 7. A copy of Shakespear's complete works
> 8. A copy of Poe's complete works
> 9. iPad
> 10. A pair of RayBan Aviators
> 11. Another year of Xbox Live and Playstation Network subscriptions
> 12. A home theater/surround system
> 13. Another trip to the airsoft place for him and his friends
> In addition, I intend to get (or have gotten) the following, but will be
> keeping them here:
> 1. Springfield M1 Garande
> 2. Mauser K98
> Patrick