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G*****'s birthday presents
From: Patrick <>
To: Desiree Capuano <>
Date: Mon, Sep 08 2014 8:57:54 pm
Following is a list of items I have either acquired, or intend to 
acquire for G*****'s birthday.  Please review it and inform which 
items, if any, you will not permit him to keep and/or use while in your 

1. Playstation 4 (to replace the one that was stolen from his luggage on 
his previous flight)
2. Apple MacBook
3. Guitar
4. Archery lessons
5. The Last of Us (for PS4)
6. A bicycle (for use in Phoenix)
7. A copy of Shakespear's complete works
8. A copy of Poe's complete works
9. iPad
10. A pair of RayBan Aviators
11. Another year of Xbox Live and Playstation Network subscriptions
12. A home theater/surround system
13. Another trip to the airsoft place for him and his friends

In addition, I intend to get (or have gotten) the following, but will be 
keeping them here:
1. Springfield M1 Garande
2. Mauser K98